Monday, June 21, 2010

Grunge Roses & Donna Salazar Newspaper

Good Morning...

Hope everyone celebrated a great Father's Day. Kevin is still in Nigeria so I celebrated by going to the local coffee shop and having an ice tea and a very tasty cinnamon crunch bagel. I made it into brunch. It's a sweet bagel. Yum.

Must tell you though...before that around 6:30 a.m. I went for my usual walk. I always see deer in the yards. I stopped and counted 17 deer on the front of one lawn. More than half of those were little Bambi's. Every Mom must have had twins. So cute ... they still have their spots. We live on the edge of a state park. These deer know they are safe...they stand and watch you as you walk by. Some home owners put out bowls of food...looks like metal dog dishes. lol I keep saying I'm going to take my camera but never do.

Saturday I went to an all day crop. I got some pages partly done but what I want to put on them is always left at home...I think I like to just scrapbook where I have everything...unless I was going to go there with somebody then it would be more social. Well I better get to today's project....

This is a wall hanging. In January when I was at CHA it was one of the classes I took. Well part of it anyway. You'll notice the flowers and the bird cage are part of Tim Holtz's latest collection of dies. The flower die is "Tattered Florals". I also used Donna Salazar's Crafty Chronicle to cover my grungepaper. Cardstock could be used instead of grungepaper. This Crafty Chronicle is an 8-page newspaper that is scrapbooking safe. For the $2.25 that Deborah sells it for it is a great deal. First off you need to read the paper cause it has some great articles. Click on this link to see a short video about  the paper. She explains how to cut it apart and what different pieces can be used for. Anybody who wants to try a little vintage or collage or anything else it is great. Also she has her own version of paper flowers.

I've decided to hang it in my craft room. I don't have anything up yet and I think it's high time I started decorating.

To alter the flowers I used Tim Holtz Distress Inks. The rose was Wild Honey, Victorian Velvet and a touch of Barn Door. The flower behind the rose was Broken China, Weathered Wood and a touch of Wild Honey.Also this flower I cut in half and then stapled the base so it would tuck underneath nicely. Around the outside of the vanilla mat - Old Paper. Around the edge of the 12 x 12 - Wild Honey & a touch of Vintage.

I spritzed the flowers with Vanilla Smooch so they glimmer a bit.

My rose centre could have been a little tighter but I dug out my directions after I completed that part of the project. Also don't forget to add color to the back of the flower pieces as well as the front. Another part of the directions I missed and it was much more time consuming after the fact. Hmmmm!

Hope you enjoyed today's share. My next 3-D project I think will be creating on canvas.


PS -
Check back tomorrow cause I have a really good scrapbook page to share. It's been done for a month and I've really wanted to post it. hehe


Cheryl said...

great art work! said...

nice job! just read the Donna Salazar newspaper last night - thanks for the inspiration. I saw a momma duck and 8 babies this afternoon on my walk - the best part of walking outdoors! Nancy LeB

Anonymous said...

Love the wall hanging. very nice. Well what I seen wasn't on my lawn but in the water. I went lobster fishing with my brother and seen a few seals and a whale....I got videos and pictures of them as well.You gotta love the great out doors.
Sherry K

Steph said...

oh I want to see those dear deer!

Anonymous said...

OH Yvonne this is a gorjus card!!!!...and remember there are no mistakes in rubber stamping/ crafting just opotunites for more real life, not all roses are tight in the center,especially the more it opens so yours is just open more....better to get the nose in and smell it, lol Lovely work...Brenda

Anonymous said...

Marlene said: this is a bit different for a card you did. Very nice.