Monday, June 7, 2010

Dazzles & The Great American Scrapbook Convention

Hello There Bloggers!

I tried to get on earlier this morning but couldn't get access to post my entry.

Going to start with the card post and then at the end I'll post about the Scrapbook Convention I went to on Friday - there's a humours side to this story.

So today's card is made with Dazzles. They are basically a sticker that you can color/alter. The ones I've seen can be silver, black or brown. They also come packaged as themes. The one I have is the summer stickers in black. I peeled off the picnic table and put it onto white cardstock. You will see how it leave parts of the cut out behind. If you wanted to be really frugal you could cut around the outside of the picnic table and then use a transfer sheet to pick up all the little pieces and then apply to another piece of paper.

This image shows the picnic table lifted off and placed on the white cardstock. The image is sticky on the one side. Also notice the glass lens - you can alter the color of the stickers. If you don't like black you could use a metallic pen and change it to gold, silver, copper. I used Xyrlon marker.

I colored the image in with my copic markers and it colors in very fast with no streaking.  Once you have it colored in you can cut it out.
Here you can see the sun  - it was placed on white cardstock, colored with yellow marker and then I spritzed it with Vanilla Smooch. It gives it a nice shimmer. With the sun I could have placed it on yellow cardstock and I would only have had to cut it out not color it.

Because the images are sticky on one side you can also dip the sticker into glitter and this will give you a reverse image. For obvious reasons you can't do this with the words. Other ways to color these in would be with chalks or watercolors. You could also use the images as stencils. Using the Smooch you could mist overtop of the image and then life the image off to reveal the stencil.
I created a card with my Dazzles but they would work very well for scrapbooking!
The lemonade stand I peeled off and placed on white cardstock. Colored it in and then cut it out. The glass I placed the sticker on a piece of white cardstock and punched out the circle.
The words say, "When life hands you lemons... make lemonade!
Once again I used the Grafix - Rub on Transfers. Oh yes, the little pitcher placed directly on the inside of the card and colored. Now if you wish to read on I share my scrapbooking adventure with you!

This maybe a little long....grab a coffee but promise me you won't laugh too hard.

So Friday morning I decide to venture out all by myself and go to a scrapbook convention. This convention is about 3 1/2 hours or 225 miles away. I'm up at 5:00 a.m. stop and get a coffee and muffin and on the road by 6:00 a.m. I had my GPS and I also printed off instructions from mapblast. Hey, I'm good to go!The first three hours were pretty uneventful. You just get on the interstate and drive North and keep driving. Now I'm closing in on the city of Dallas and traffic is picking up. I was following map blast and not paying any attention to my GPS when the unthinkable happened....I was behind a big truck and didn't realize till it was too late that you had to exit - no choice. Now I can no longer use my map blast directions but must rely on the GPS to re-navigate us. I should have checked to see if the volume was up on the unit before I reached the city. Nope not on and I can't figure out how to turn it on while driving. After numerous wrong turns I stopped and fixed that problem. Guess I should have also taken a lesson on a few other things with the operation of it. I also seemed to have a nasty habit of turning to soon which made my trip twice as long. Finally I make it to the convention centre. Yippee! I was so excited I hopped out of my car, exchanged my sandals for running shoes and headed for the event.

I spent the day shopping and browsing so many booths. It was all stamping/scrapbooking supplies - I've never seen anything quite like it. There were some good deals to be had and I made sure I helped out the local economy. After a full day of shopping it's now time to go home. I make my last rounds and pick up the large bundle of paper I had been eyeing. (Such a good deal). Ooops some paper organizers caught my eye on the way out too. Gotta have those for all the paper I bought. Okay, now I have my bags and goodies and I'm ready to head home. I exit the same door I came in and I look around the parking lot to decide which way my car can tell where this is going, can't you? It's 95F the sun is beating down my arms are full and I'm wandering parking lot after parking lot with my car keys trying to hear if any of the cars are honking. Yes I'm pushing the panic button but it's not helping....after about 20 minutes I go back inside, re-group my thoughts and think about the morning events. I stand outside and remember back walking down a sidewalk that was shaded by trees. Yes, I remember that clearly now as there were people in front of me and I wanted them to walk faster so I could get to the convention quicker! Walk to the end of the sidewalk and then I remember....I had to walk down a hill so I must need to walk up the hill. After about 30 minutes in total I arrive back at my car. I had been so excited to get there in the morning I had just followed the crowd of people instead of paying attention.  You can rest assured another time I'll be paying attention!

It was fun and I'll go back next year. There were classes you could take as well but I should have registered on-line for those as many were sold out.

Have a good evening!



Corinne said...

Yvonne I do hope you had a better trip home. Sounds like it was a fun day.

madeleineb said...

sounds like when I went to Scrapfest in Kitchener, but I do not have a GPS and the Mapquest I printed out was in miles and no kilometers. I got lost several times and then of course I did not print out the reverse directions for getting home so got lost again.

I sympathize completely with you. At least you got some bargains - I didn't get that many. But then again there is CHA in a couple of months. said...

sounds like it was worth getting lost for awhile - we need to see photos....

Anonymous said...

LOL....sounds like I am not the only one who has a hard time with directions....hope you told Kevin this one....Very nice talking to you tonite.

The cards are very nice as well....
Sherry K

Anonymous said...

Marlene said: What a riot! I can just see you getting befuddled. Ha! Glad you had a good time, I would have panicked for sure.

Julie Mutch said...

Sounds like a fun day. I can relate to your parking predicament...I'm always forgetting where I parked! Not fun! lol :)