Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stampin' With Markers - technique

Before I get to today's technique I'm going to chit chat!

First - this is my last day of official work at my office job. Yippee! I will have to go back in next week to do my T4 and separation slip. lol Can hardly wait to have LOTS of time to play with all my toys.

Speaking of toys...I think my New Years resolution is "No more buying brads or eyelets!" For Christmas I got a great little storage unit to keep embellishments in and it would also be easy to transport if I was going to a crop. It was purchased at Walmart. They come in two different sizes in the craft section and mine is the smaller size. Anyway, I proceeded to organize my brads & eyelets. I could compete with many craft stores with the amount of embellishments I own.

Onto todays card -

I love the colors on this card as they are non-traditional for winter. I think we might need a little warm color in our lives as I checked the weather this morning and there are blizzard warning for Nova Scotia for this afternoon/evening. Yuck! Back to the card at hand - I get distracted so easily.
The sweater, touque & mitts are from a retired SU set. You will notice the two different colors on the clothes. I used a marker and colored directly onto the stamp to achieve the two-tone look. I used Stampin' Up's markers, but any water-based marker that has a brush tip can be used. Take your marker and color on the stamp using the side of the marker rather than just the tip so you can cover more area quicker. You have to work fairly quickly however, if the ink has started to dry you simply "huff" on your stamp before you put it to the paper.

What is this "huff" you ask? Hold your inked stamp up to your face, take a deep breath and exhale through your mouth pushing the air out onto the stamp. The moisture from your breath will make the ink moist again. It really does work very well.

I also cuttlebugged one piece of cardstock with the snowflake folder and then cut it into three equal pieces. Layered it up onto the pink and then tied a ribbon around each piece for variety. I like how I staggered the columns. I stamped the brrr in black ink and then used a glue pen to place little drops of glue along the letters and then sprinkled dazzling diamonds over the letters for kind of a frosty look. The clothing has little dots of Stickles on the snowflakes and dots. Click on the pictures for a better look at the glitter. (Also take notice - I used one brad!) lol

This will be my last post for 2008-------HAPPY NEW YEAR--------I look forward to sharing my stamping and scrapbooking projects with you next year!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Our family all made it home for Christmas. My daughter flew in from Toronto on Sunday night. She arrived about 10:30 p.m. and I'm amazed the plane landed as the drive to the airport was terrible. Adam, Stephanie and puppy arrived in time for supper on Christmas Eve. It was great to have everyone home and nobody has to leave until Saturday.
At times yesterday it sounded just like years gone by when the kids were playing with their new toys. Stephanie got a Wii Fit Qfor Christmas and everybody had a turn. Of course there was a little competition between brother and sister to see who could do the best. lol Some things never change except I didn't have to yell down and say "Quit fighting"! They also had the Rock Band game...we did have to ask for that to be turned down once. Good thing they never had drums and guitars growing up.
As it is every year my family spoil me with wonderful things. I did get some crafting things so I'll be putting those to good use. It's getting tougher for them to buy crafty things without doing an inventory first. And DH said if he did an inventory he might need "Prozac" lol
No photos to upload yet today....once the New Year arrives I'll be getting back into my regular blogging and I think to celebrate my retirement I'll be having a blog candy give away. So to all my regular readers please don't give up on me I will be getting back to sharing.
Only 3 more official days of work and counting.
Don't know if I'll get a chance to post again till the New Year as we're helping our son move on the week-end and of course we will be spending New Years with our good friend the "Waltons". It's always a special time to see out the old year and ring in the new year with good friends.



Monday, December 15, 2008

More Wedding

Sorry for the no posts! Just can't seem to keep up these days. Still not finished Christmas shopping, obviously no wrapping done, almost have the last Christmas card finished (got delayed writing the Christmas letter)and 8 days of work left. Gee this could be a Christmas carol.
I did try and create something on Sunday but....a couple of months ago somebody asked me if I ever had to throw out cards cause they didn't turn out. My response, "Nope, can usually save them, more ink her a little embellishment or ribbon there and it's fixed." Sunday I through out a project.It wasn't a card but a mini album. After about three hours of trying to get it glued together right I decided to cut my losses and recycle it to my garbage can. So that's what happened to Sunday's post!
Today's post is some more pages of the wedding, I've had these done for a little while, just didn't post them.

The embellishments on the post are done with the cricut.

I do have some news to share with you....I will be designing some cards for a new rubber stamp line. I will share more news of that in the coming days.

I will be back before Christmas to visit with all of you!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Hot Chocolate Treat

I had quite the crafting day yesterday. Made more of those illuminated cards. Made more "Santa Pants" and oh yea, I corrected the scoring directions I had on an earlier post. Good thing I had to go back to get the dimensions!
I did take a break to go out and get some groceries, actually the cats needed more food, and I needed a coffee. Off to Second Cup for a little caffeine and while I'm there I pick up a couple packages of hot chocolate. No, not for me....for giftys. Of course, I now need to make a holder for the hot chocolate packages cause you just can't hand somebody a package of hot chocolate and expect them to be impressed!
I think this turned out pretty cute and a quick inexpensive gift for baby sitters, teachers, friends etc.
I used a half sheet of 12 x 12 chocolate chip cardstock scored at 4" & 8". I cuttlebugged the snowflakes folder on a portion of the white (3.75 x 7.75)cardstock and then stamped my image in craft chocolate chip ink and embossed with iridescent ice. I love the ribbon as it matches so well. The stamp set is SU "Like it a Latte" and I used liquid applique to make the foam puffy and stand out. Sprinkled some dazzling diamond glitter on the liquid applique while it was wet so it has a bit of shimmer to the foam. Ticket punch for the corners and accented with white brads.

On the inside I folded the right side over to make a pouch and cut off some of the cardstock on a diagonal. I then decided that not only could I use it for a hot chocolate holder but I could put a gift card on the other side!

I guess I have to depart as the plow just went by and I can't get out of my driveway to get to work if I move some snow. there a downside to not shoveling...not that I can think of. I would really like to stay home and create some more. Well only 16 more days of work!

Have a Crafty Day!


PS - remember if you ask me a question about an item on by blog include an e-mail address so I can respond. When I get your comment it doesn't show an e-mail address. I had a question regarding the New York post, try sanding the edges and then inking.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Ornament

WOW! Can't believe it's been a week since I posted. Don't know where the time has gone. Hubby has been away so I thought I would have more time. Obviously I have a problem with time management. That's not entirely true...I just spent my time in the craft room. (I do have to make some time today for house work, laundry and groceries. I'm out of frozen meals) I haven't had anything new to post but I have been crafting. I was doing my Christmas cards as well as I had 25 cards that were ordered.

Wednesday night I did go out to play. Deborah had us girls over for a crafty night. As always there is a challenge/swap to participate in. The item I received was a microscope slide made into a Christmas ornament. It is so pretty and will look lovely on my tree this year.

I created for the exchange a lantern with a tea light. Unfortunately I was so late in creating it that I didn't have time to take a picture before I had to run out the door Wednesday night. BTW Tuesday night was taken up trying to come up with an idea and having nothing turn out right.

Deborah also made these cute Christmas earrings for each of us there! Thank you Deborah. Julie was unable to attend and doesn't have pierced ears but....if you're reading this Julie....I want you to know that there seems to be a great deal of experience amongst us in ear piercing and some of the gals would like to fine tune their skills. lol

Germaine also gave each of us some fragrant bath salts. I look forward to using them. Thank you!

Saturday I went to the Halifax Shopping Centre VERY early as they were having 20% discount at many of the stores. I got there about 8:45 and picked up some great deals. I now have a start on that Christmas shopping. I left about 11:15 and the mall was really starting to get busy.
Today I'm hoping to put up a few decorations, you know, make it feel more like Christmas. The tree will go up next week-end. I always like to be decorated well before Christmas because as soon as Christmas Day is over I'm itching to take down the tree and clean up the house.
Happy Sunday!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Santa's Pants

Hope all of you had a good week-end. I went over to PEI on Saturday and came back Sunday. Yesterday afternoon I crafted up this pair of pants. I think they are just the cutest. Wouldn't they look great with some candy in them?

First off this wasn't my design. I got the idea from "Diane's Paperart Creations". Diane's directions are located at the above link. The size of her Santa pants are based on 12 x 12 cardstock.
I altered the above directions for a slightly small pair.

Directions for my box:
Cut 2 pieces of red cardstock 4 1/4 x 9". Across the long width score at 2 ", 4 1/4", 6 1/4" & 8 1/2". Next rotate cardstock and score along the bottom at 1". Using scissors, cut the short lines from the bottom to the mid line. Fold on score lines. You will be making this into a box. Fold box so that both ends meet on top and the 1/2" flap will adhere to the inside of the other edge of the box. Use double sided tape on the 1/2" flap to make sure it stay stuck. Repeat for the other piece of red cardstock. Apply glue to the bottom edges. Fold them up making sure the small piece on the end is not last. Press bottom tight together to form box.
Fur Trim:
Cut a strip of white cardstock 1/2" x 11". Attach the strip to the bottom edge of each pant leg, trim to fit around box with seam in center of the side that will be the inside seam of pants. This is important because when assembling, these seams will become the inside seam on the pant legs. Apply adhesive to top of legs from edge to about 1/2" from edge and join together.
Cut two red strips 1/2" x 8 1/2". I used a white gel pen to make it look like stitching. You could also use a sewing machine, paper piercing or stamp a stitched image along both edges of the suspenders.
Attaching Suspenders:
Add the suspenders to the pants by applying adhesive to the back side of one suspender at the bottom edge. Attach this to the outside of the pant leg, near the waistline's edge at back of pants. Apply adhesive to the opposite end of the suspender on the front side bottom edge. Bend the suspender slightly and attach it to the inside edge of the opposite pant leg. Placement should be near the top of the front pant leg (see photo)
Belt Buckle:
A pre-made belt buckle can be used or you can make your own. A buckle can be made with an ordinary soda pop-top tab. A buckle can be made from a sizzix die cut from heavy duty foil or silver cardstock. Slide buckle onto belt.
Cut a length of black ribbon the distance around the pants. apply adhesive to the inside of the black ribbon and press it around the waistline of the pants, wrapping around both boxes just below stitching, finishing with the seam in the back. Align buckle to front center while wrapping the ribbon.
Belt Loops:
Cut two pieces of red cardstock 1/2" x 2". Corner punch one end or you can leave square. Add decorative stitching.Fold strip in 1/2 at 1". Add the belt loop over top edge of pants. I used a brad to secure it in place through the pants.
It's late so I better try and get some sleep.