Thursday, October 8, 2009

Purple Bear & New Border Punch Uses

This is my last pre-loaded card I have on my computer but I may have a couple other things I'll be able to share in the next couple of days.

This is the same SU set I used a few days ago for the side step card. This time I made it a monochromatic card. Makes it easy to do it in whatever color you want. I used Vintage Purple which was an "In Color" with Stampin' Up a couple of years ago. The background I cuttlebugged with the snowflakes folder then I ran it through my sticker maker and then put gliter ritz all over the background. In a lot of places only the raised up areas grabbed the adhesive which was kinda cool.

I did get to the Make & Take at the scrapbook store on Wednesday. They had punched out a big flower, probably 2 1/2" in diameter with five petals. They then used a border punch and only punched the ends of each petal. We punched another flower just slightly smaller and then inked up the tips on both flowers. Then we made a brad to put in the centre using the new Imaginice Brad Maker. I bought one from The Cutting Garden just before I left and only had time to play and make one brad but it did work nicely. Looking forward to trying it out some more.

Please bear with me as I was unable to edit the photos on the laptop. Actually just not sure how to do it on this one.

Stop now if you don't want to read about my personal ramblings....

Now I'll give you an update on the rest of my driving days. After the trip to the scrapbook store I came back to the apartment for a mental rest. Watched a little TV then headed out to pick up some groceries for supper. There should be a grocery store every three blocks but I couldn't seem to find one. The area is really nice cause they hide all business behind trees to keep things pretty. Great, except when you need to see these buildings to know where to turn. I thought I knew where the grocery store was as we had gone there before. At the end of the day I ended up at a Super Walmart and picked up what I needed. Oh, did I mention that it took me two hours to get $20.00 worth of groceries and ....I could have probably walked there in 15 minutes.
About the same story for yesterday trying to find the post office. I even had the GPS with me but I kept driving in circle...I knew I was close but couldn't find it. It's like a maze.
What to do today. Another Make & Take at the scrapbook store. No problem, I know how to get there. They are doing it on the Bazzill stitching templates. Hey, I've got one of those but never used it. Maybe I'll pick up some tips. Other than that, WE GET OUR HOUSE TODAY! Yippee!
Well that's a wrap for today. have a good week-end.


Christmas Stockings

I'm back again...and I just posted yesterday. Don't get confused with the dates of the posts. The next few will all read the 8th of October. That is the date I loaded the pictures to blogspot so I would be able to blog when I didn't have pictures on my computer. Using my laptop interm.
This card was done using the dies from Spellbinders. (I think that was the company). I cut them out of the shiny cardstock, also called mirror. These dies are a pack of two and one will cut and one will emboss.
You'll notice the centre of the sock is cut out and I filled it in with Glitter Ritz. It's my new favorite toy these days. To round out the card I used some pattern paper that was discontinued from Stampin' Up and added some dew drops. The stamped image is in gold embossing and I don't know who manufactured it.

Other news I did get a car to drive last night. By the time we got to the dealership to pick it up it was dark. first attempt at driving in Houston is at night. I don't like to drive at night at the best of times. Made it home though with only one oooops. I missed the turnoff into the apartment complex so just had to go to the next block and turn around. Well it wasn't quite that simple with one way streets and all but they do let you do u-turns here. lol That helps.
So I now have wheels so I can go out today and cruise around. DH is at work and has a supper meeting as well so I have all day to browse. A local scrapbook store is having anniversary celebrations so I'm heading over this morning as they have make & takes as well. From there, there is a Michaels and Joanns right close. he he
Hope you have a great day and I'll share my adventures tomorrow.


Glitter Ritz & 4 x 4 Side Step Card

Hello There,
Quick update for all those interested in the going ons in my life...otherwise just scroll down a bit for info about the card.
I left Nova Scotia on October 15th with mixed emotions. I met a lot of great people, many who became good friends and one day hope to return to the Maritimes (at least for the summers, lol). I have arrived at my destination Houston, TX (side note - the weather cooled off the day I arrived - the locals think it's wonderful, 22-25C - I was looking for hot but it is still nice).
We will be getting the keys to our house on Friday (we've been over every day looking)and the movers will deliver our furniture on Monday. By Wednesday I should be unpacked and in my craft room. Can't wait!

One other thing before I get to the card - My DD, Kristen has submitted a drawing to be used on a T-shirt contest. Winners are chosen by number of votes. If you're interested in helping her out click on the link DesignsByHumans and vote. You do have to register to be able to vote however they don't send you a bunch of e-mails, just click the box that you don't want any updates etc.

Thanks for your patience in my long winded chat.

Today's post. I actually did this card a few days before I left. The stamp set is from Stampin' Up and is in their Winter Mini Catty. I can't remember the name of it. Cute though. I love to cut out all the little characters. The hats are all separate stamps so you can mix and match.
Do you notice all the glitter on the snow. I used the new glitter called "Glitter Ritz". It is so fine and smooth. Actually smooth enough you can stamp overtop of the glitter and it will still give a clear stamped image. You see the iceberg. I covered a piece of cardstock with double sided tape and then stamped the iceberg and cut it out. Worked like a charm.
I did have a lot of trouble though stamping the red image with north pole. My red ink pad must have been too juicy. Normally dye based ink the image dries immediately. Not this time. I must have smeared about four images. I even left one over night and the next morning I ran my thumb over the image and it smeared. lol I finally used my red marker and colored on the stamp and it worked great. Where there is a will...there is a way!

I posted a side step card a couple weeks back but it was a 6 x 6 size. I prefer the 4 x 4 finished size and I also used cardstock for the base this time instead of pattern paper. It stands much nicer.

If you are still reading, thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to getting back to some serious crafting within a couple of weeks.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rockin' Baby

Good Morning,
Well I was busy creating cards yesterday so I might actually have something to post over the next couple of weeks.

Here's a quick catch up on my life (I'll make it short as some of you are really here to see cards!). We did purchase a house in the States, our home here has sold and I should be leaving around the 15th of October. DH left yesterday. Went to Toronto and spent the day with DD and then he is getting close to Houston now as I type. It's been a whirlwind of a month, with selling off all our vehicles and other "stuff" that we didn't need and I'm hoping that after I get to Houston things will get back to normal or at least not so hectic. We are living in an apartment until we can take possession of our home which will be the last week of October. Unfortunately I won't have any crafting stuff with me and won't have a lot to do. Oh gosh, I guess I'll have to browse the stores. lol

I did get a card made this morning for a friend who just had a baby boy. I can't take credit for the design of this as I copied it from Hands, Head & Heart. Pretty cute and pretty easy. I used my circle scissors cutter, punches & cuttlebug. The only thing that is stamped is Special Delivery". The card really does rock too!

I'm going to try and get a few more cards done today. I did get a scrapbook page done for Xavier last week but forgot to take pictures before I gave it to Mom & Dad.

Have a great Sunday!