Thursday, October 8, 2009

Christmas Stockings

I'm back again...and I just posted yesterday. Don't get confused with the dates of the posts. The next few will all read the 8th of October. That is the date I loaded the pictures to blogspot so I would be able to blog when I didn't have pictures on my computer. Using my laptop interm.
This card was done using the dies from Spellbinders. (I think that was the company). I cut them out of the shiny cardstock, also called mirror. These dies are a pack of two and one will cut and one will emboss.
You'll notice the centre of the sock is cut out and I filled it in with Glitter Ritz. It's my new favorite toy these days. To round out the card I used some pattern paper that was discontinued from Stampin' Up and added some dew drops. The stamped image is in gold embossing and I don't know who manufactured it.

Other news I did get a car to drive last night. By the time we got to the dealership to pick it up it was dark. first attempt at driving in Houston is at night. I don't like to drive at night at the best of times. Made it home though with only one oooops. I missed the turnoff into the apartment complex so just had to go to the next block and turn around. Well it wasn't quite that simple with one way streets and all but they do let you do u-turns here. lol That helps.
So I now have wheels so I can go out today and cruise around. DH is at work and has a supper meeting as well so I have all day to browse. A local scrapbook store is having anniversary celebrations so I'm heading over this morning as they have make & takes as well. From there, there is a Michaels and Joanns right close. he he
Hope you have a great day and I'll share my adventures tomorrow.



peter.ann said...

very nice card Yvonne.. and glad to hear your finding your way around especially to the craft stores and Micheals...

Deborah March said...

Have a wonderful day browsing 'round your new city Yvonne! Please send me your new e-mail address...I need to paypal you some SU $$$! ;)