Monday, December 15, 2008

More Wedding

Sorry for the no posts! Just can't seem to keep up these days. Still not finished Christmas shopping, obviously no wrapping done, almost have the last Christmas card finished (got delayed writing the Christmas letter)and 8 days of work left. Gee this could be a Christmas carol.
I did try and create something on Sunday but....a couple of months ago somebody asked me if I ever had to throw out cards cause they didn't turn out. My response, "Nope, can usually save them, more ink her a little embellishment or ribbon there and it's fixed." Sunday I through out a project.It wasn't a card but a mini album. After about three hours of trying to get it glued together right I decided to cut my losses and recycle it to my garbage can. So that's what happened to Sunday's post!
Today's post is some more pages of the wedding, I've had these done for a little while, just didn't post them.

The embellishments on the post are done with the cricut.

I do have some news to share with you....I will be designing some cards for a new rubber stamp line. I will share more news of that in the coming days.

I will be back before Christmas to visit with all of you!


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