Monday, December 1, 2008

Santa's Pants

Hope all of you had a good week-end. I went over to PEI on Saturday and came back Sunday. Yesterday afternoon I crafted up this pair of pants. I think they are just the cutest. Wouldn't they look great with some candy in them?

First off this wasn't my design. I got the idea from "Diane's Paperart Creations". Diane's directions are located at the above link. The size of her Santa pants are based on 12 x 12 cardstock.
I altered the above directions for a slightly small pair.

Directions for my box:
Cut 2 pieces of red cardstock 4 1/4 x 9". Across the long width score at 2 ", 4 1/4", 6 1/4" & 8 1/2". Next rotate cardstock and score along the bottom at 1". Using scissors, cut the short lines from the bottom to the mid line. Fold on score lines. You will be making this into a box. Fold box so that both ends meet on top and the 1/2" flap will adhere to the inside of the other edge of the box. Use double sided tape on the 1/2" flap to make sure it stay stuck. Repeat for the other piece of red cardstock. Apply glue to the bottom edges. Fold them up making sure the small piece on the end is not last. Press bottom tight together to form box.
Fur Trim:
Cut a strip of white cardstock 1/2" x 11". Attach the strip to the bottom edge of each pant leg, trim to fit around box with seam in center of the side that will be the inside seam of pants. This is important because when assembling, these seams will become the inside seam on the pant legs. Apply adhesive to top of legs from edge to about 1/2" from edge and join together.
Cut two red strips 1/2" x 8 1/2". I used a white gel pen to make it look like stitching. You could also use a sewing machine, paper piercing or stamp a stitched image along both edges of the suspenders.
Attaching Suspenders:
Add the suspenders to the pants by applying adhesive to the back side of one suspender at the bottom edge. Attach this to the outside of the pant leg, near the waistline's edge at back of pants. Apply adhesive to the opposite end of the suspender on the front side bottom edge. Bend the suspender slightly and attach it to the inside edge of the opposite pant leg. Placement should be near the top of the front pant leg (see photo)
Belt Buckle:
A pre-made belt buckle can be used or you can make your own. A buckle can be made with an ordinary soda pop-top tab. A buckle can be made from a sizzix die cut from heavy duty foil or silver cardstock. Slide buckle onto belt.
Cut a length of black ribbon the distance around the pants. apply adhesive to the inside of the black ribbon and press it around the waistline of the pants, wrapping around both boxes just below stitching, finishing with the seam in the back. Align buckle to front center while wrapping the ribbon.
Belt Loops:
Cut two pieces of red cardstock 1/2" x 2". Corner punch one end or you can leave square. Add decorative stitching.Fold strip in 1/2 at 1". Add the belt loop over top edge of pants. I used a brad to secure it in place through the pants.
It's late so I better try and get some sleep.


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Julie Mutch said...

Oh my goodness, Yvonne, these 'Santa's pants' are just too cute for anything! I have to try making some! Thanks so much for sharing! :)