Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fancy Pants Designs - Sharing

Hi There,

Not posting any projects but many of you were interested in my treasures of last week-end.

I started out this morning trying to take some pictures of the paper....when that didn't really seem to be working well for me I thought about going to the internet and just linking the paper. WOW! Did I ever get a good deal. Yes, I'll admit the paper is probably from last years line but like I care....I like it. lol

The line that my paper came from was FancyPantsDesigns. I bought 100 sheets for $20.00. Where I'm linking to one grouping of papers is $18.00.

These first two lines I liked cause they weren't all glossy and bright but more of a Kraft look, hence the name Kraft Kuts - for girls and Kraft Kuts - for boys. These two groups are not double-sided.

Rough and Tough Collection

Delight Collection

On A Whimsy Collection

Christmas Magic Collection

Little Sprout Collection

Trick or Treat Collection

Dancing Girl Collection

I also purchased before I found this other stuff the "dude" line from paperloft. Nope...didn't get any good deals on that paper but I liked it. Very boyish/masculine paper.

Last thing I'll show you today is my felt shapes. This was my $2.00 purchase. There were other kits/colors too but I didn't think I would use them as much. Pastels and Bolds.

Any of the links I provided once you're there you can probably click on the picture to bring up a more detailed view.

On that note I'm going to go and craft something to show you tomorrow. All this paper...I better go craft. lol

Enjoy your day...whatever it is you're doing.

Val - Happy Birthday!


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