Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lovely Cards I've Received!

These are all cards that I received last week from a group of gals that I get together with regularly for workshops. They are amazing stampers and it's tough to come up with new ideas for them. I'm missing a project from Val but I have to locate my digital camera first as it was a 3-D item. It's on my desk but I decided to steam clean the carpet in the craft room which meant I had to take everything off of the floor and I can't find my desk top now. Watch for it this week.

Kim P. was the creator of this card. Unfortunately I don't know the name of the rubber stamps used, however the gals are trying to educate me and get me purchasing stamps outside of Stampin' UP!
Oh those girls are such enablers for my addiction.

This card was made by Julie M. Now she did use Stampin' UP flowers.
She twisted ribbon to make the stems. What a cute idea!

Catherine L. made this card for me. Once again I don't know the stamp line however if you look really close at the word Friends it has been double stamped in two different colors. The image was so crisp and clear I thought it was a rub on. I really like those stamps.

Serenity Now is what the saying says. Kelly E. created this card. I love the colors. I'm an earth tone person so the greens and oranges are totally me. Actually if that person is supposed to represent me that is great....I like her shape!

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Julie Mutch said...

I always have so much fun with our swaps. So many different card styles and great cards. Catherine did do a beautiful job on double-stamping the 'Friends.' I recognized the font with the stamp set that she used, but first I thought they were selling rub-ons that matched the set! Super clear impression! Note to self...add that stamp set to the wish list! lol :)