Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mini Album

This was such a fun little album to make and took no time at all. It's not my design, as I got the idea from the You Tube. It's really very simple though. One piece of pattern paper 8" x 12" scored at 4" lengthwise (12") and then two more scores at 4" & 8" widthwise. You may want to adjust those slightly to make sure the book will fold properly. The edges are not glued together. I cut my tags 3 1/2" x 5. From there it is just a matter of choosing your pictures and decorating to your taste.
These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago at a slow pitch tournament my son and his girlfriend were in. They did win the game too!
PS - Sorry if the blog subscribers have been receiving duplicate e-mails. I have it figured out now! lol

1 comment:

Julie Mutch said...

Very cute mini album! Great way to look back at those fun times. :)