Monday, August 4, 2008

Storing Your Nestabilities

Once I started purchasing the Nestabilities I quickly learned I needed someway to store them. Having them loose on my desktop was not going to be a good thing. Can't believe they don't come in a cute container!

So I store mine in cd cases. If you don't have some already you can get them at the Dollar store (3/$1.00) and then just take out the inserts. You can buy magnets by the roll and there is adhesive on one side. I just cut it to fit inside the CD case, removed the paper backing from the magnet and attached it to the cd case and then your metal nestabilities will stick to the magnet and stay in place. Now that you have than done why not alter the CD case to make it cute.

If you have other ways that you store your Nestabilities share your idea with me by leaving a comment.

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1 comment:

Julie Mutch said...

Great idea...I'll have to do this when I actually buy my Nesties. I've been holding off, but not sure if I can wait much longer! lol :)

Can't wait to see if you alter the CD cases...there's a challenge for ya! :)