Friday, March 6, 2009

Waiting Patiently - Not

Hello everyone in Blogland!

Today I'm posting some baby announcement cards. About another four weeks and I should be a first time Gramma. Okay that makes me sound old. lol Time for me to wake up and face reality...I am getting older but not old. There's a difference you know.
Am looking forward to a baby to cuddle, & spoil & then give back to Mom & Dad so I can sleep at night. This has to be our reward for all the sleepless nights we had as our children were growing up.



Both of these cards are a top fold and punches are used for the neck edge and leg holes. Unfortunately I don't have a punch that will slide in far enough to make the hole for the legs on the overalls. Guess I'll be cutting that by hand.

Think I'm going to head to The Cutting Garden today to stamp my samples for class.

Have yourself a good week-end.


1 comment:

Kim said...

Yvonne, these are both awesome! I haven't seen them done as overalls before, how adorable! You are always so creative!! Thank you for sharing! And don't spend all your money at the Cutting Garden! lol