Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Cradle - Woodworking

This project is crafty too but not of the papercraft nature. Thought I would share a couple photos of the baby cradle my DH just finished for the new Granbaby...due date two weeks from today. We are definitely on the countdown now.

Anyway, I thought it turned out great. It rocks or it can be secured so it doesn't move. Just have to get a mattress for it now. Talked to our son last night and he figures after the baby is born they will come for a visit and him and his father can make a crib too. Kevin was surfing the internet last night for patterns for cribs. Found one that I like that converts into a bed for later use.

I'm off to shop today...I'm going to make a diaper cake. Stay tuned I'll be back with something else.

Thanks for looking and I hope you are enjoying the posts as much as I enjoy posting each day.



Barbara said...

Yvonne, the Baby Cradleis grate.
I see your DH is not just another handsome face.
All the best with the first Granbaby
Barbara Mac N.

Julie Mutch said...

Oh, Yvonne, the cradle is beautiful. Tell your DH that he did a wonderful job! :) Can't wait to see pics after the new grand-baby arrives...the countdown is on! :)


Deborah March said...

Aaawww, what a FABULOUS Grampie your dh will be!! The cradle is just SO beautiful!

Anonymous said...

OK... first of I am not sure I like the thought of being refer to as "DH"? Could be code for "Dough head" for all I know, or worse!

Second, not sure I want my projects list on the net, unless I get a commission?