Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tips for using only partial word Sentiments

Good Morning,

I seem to be on a Valentine roll. I'll try to get it out of my system soon. I don't
usually make many Valentine related projects. I made a cute little Valentine heart candy holder too! Have to dig out the camera to take pics of that though so it's not posted yet.

Yesterday was so cold. Ventured out for lunch and that was good, or the company was. Food was okay. Never did get the groceries as I decided it was too cold to go shopping after lunch. Today I'll have to go to the grocery store...cats are running out of food and I can't have that as I couldn't put up with the mewing.

Today's post - same Valentine stamp set - just so you know, there are five different stamps in this set. lol You never know you might get to see all five. I used a Martha Stewart border punch to create the top and bottom border. They are very easy to use. The words "from the heart" are all on one stamp in a single line so here are tips on how to use the words separately. I have two different methods.

1 - Use a marker and ink up just the portion of the stamp I want on my card. Make sure you clean the stamp well between words or you will get unwanted images.

2 - Put scotch tape over the area you DON'T want to stamp onto your card. Ink up the stamp and then PEEL OFF the tape and stamp the image. Repeat as necessary. When I'm stamping words or sentiments I will use a stamp positioner to ensure it is lined up where I want it and straight. They are relatively inexpensive and will save you money in the long run as you won't be throwing out paper because the image is crooked and off centre.

The heart eyelets are from Stampin' Up years ago. I have lots in red and bright pink too. The cardstock colors are Pretty in Pink and Perfect Plum.

It's time for morning coffee at Second Cup - I like the flavoured coffees there but they seemed to have over bought on the eggnog flavour this holiday season and they are flogging it everyday. Normally they have two good flavours to choose from. These days it's always eggnog and something else. I'm down to one choice - the something else. You should go to Second Cup and have a coffee - preferably order a large eggnog flavor. Thanks for helping me out!


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OH MYYYY I love the colours and how you made this is LOVELY!!...great job!