Friday, January 16, 2009

So Cute!

Well it's certainly chilly in Nova Scotia today so today's post will hopefully give you a warm fuzzy feeling. lol

I've had this stamp set for, I was going to say 3 years but when I think about it, it must be at least 5 years as I had it before moving from Antigonish. Gosh where does the time go? Anyway, not important except that I have probably only made one card with it. So I dusted it off, literally, and stamped up a couple of images. This is the first one and I have a different image for tomorrow.

I colored the image with the Twinkling H20's on watercolor paper. If you've never used watercolor paper you need to. It's the only way to go when watercoloring as you can play with the colors and shading and not worry about your paper wearing away.
All the cardstock colors are from Stampin' Up! In Color Family. The ribbon is a taffeta also SU. Of course I Cuttlebugged the background. I can't seem to get enough of that little machine. The heart on the corner, you gotta try that...punched out a red heart and then used the Crystal Effects overtop. It's so shiny.

I have to venture out of the house today for an appointment in the afternoon so I guess I might as well make a stop to the grocery store too. Grocery shopping isn't my favorite thing to do and I get bored very quickly. Maybe it has something to do with walking all around the store just to find what you need. It's like a workout and I usually get to one end and realize I'm missing something off of my list (no, I don't really have a list but I do remember something I needed) and then wander up and down the isles trying to find it. It's like a mini marathon just trying to find the groceries. There's those 10 isles in the middle of the store you don't really need anything from but you have to pass them to get to the rest of the food. Enough ranting on that topic.

Don't have any big plans for the week-end unless staying warm counts. Maybe take in a movie. I'll let you know if I saw anything good.

Have a warm week-end.


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