Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pretty Pinks

Before I get to the cards I'll let you know "The Cutting Garden" will be opening soon. If you click on the link above it will direct you to the website and the most recent article regarding re-opening.

Yesterday I told you I was putting the finishing touches on a 3-D item, well I'm so excited about how it turned out! I can't show you just I'm pretty sure this will be one of the projects to be done with the Scor-pal. Stay tuned. As soon as I know some dates for classes I'll let you know!

Today's cards were actually inspired from the above 3-D project. I was using pattern paper and realized I hadn't incorporated it into my cards for awhile. On both cards I used the same color of inks, paper etc. I struggled with the first card. I worked on it stamping different flower images in different colors and different layering possibilities. Finally left it on the desk overnight and then this morning took another look at it. With a few minor adjustments I was happy with the outcome. However, there is still a little room for improvement on it and I think to finish it I'm going to use the word window punch (that's the one that is about 3/8" wide and 1.75" long)to punch out the dark pink cardstock and insert 3 green brads into it and then layer it on the lower right hand side.

On the above card I stamped the main image once and then re-stamped it twice more without re-inking the stamp to give a shadow effect.

How did I get it lined up again so well, you ask? Stamp positioner. I use it for most of my stamping. Saves a lot of wasted cardstock and frustration. I've provided you with a video so you can see how easy it is to use. Stamp Positioner The stamp positioner they use in the video is the same one I use but there are lots out on the market and all do the same thing.

That covers off todays post. Have to head out this afternoon for awhile. So I'll see you tomorrow.


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Kim said...

Well, you sure have been one busy lady!! Are you enjoying your retirement?? LOL I am loving all your new cards and projects! It will be nice to see you on Tuesday! Don't forget your new catalogue!! lol And I can't wait to hear what Kim will be carrying in her store....she must have spilled the beans to you???? lol

See you soon!!