Saturday, January 17, 2009

Different Size Card

First, I'll start by saying it could warm up anytime. Not that the weather is really bothering me as I don't have to go out to go to work but...yesterday I had to take a cab. I hate taking cabs just because I don't like spending that much to get from point A to point B. As some of you know, I've got a cute little blue bug, fondly named "Gorgeous". She runs on diesel too! Well if you don't know, diesel vehicles are not fond of really cold weather. So I head out to start my little car about 1:00, wanted to give her time to warm up nicely before I headed to a physio appointment. The sun had been shining all morning on her little hood thinking that was going to warm the engine. Wrong...I couldn't get her to go and I didn't want to miss the appointment as I've been waiting for 15 months to get in. Hence my calling a cab!If the cold continues I'll have to make room for her in my garage with my crafty supplies. lol

I made another Valentine Card using the same set as yesterday's post. Decided though it was time to change up the size on the card. I almost never make this size. It is 3.75 x 8.50 so it will fit in a business envelope. Again I choose really bold colors and colors that are not classic for Valentine's Day. I really like the brightness of it though. I like the saying too, "Canoe be my Valentine?" lol Once again for coloring I used some watercolor crayons and H20's. Since I cleaned and organized my embellishments I'm finding colors I didn't know I had.

That's all for today.

Stay warm.


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Anonymous said...

Nice and bright and cheery! your colouring. Because of you, I just HAD to get that set out, haven't used it in a dogs age hahaha. I always really loved it tho...
BRRRRRR,Poor gorgeous!,I am with her,I wouldn't go today either when asked to go to New Minas,lol..She is not only gorgeous but independent and SMART too! ;?) hahaha BC