Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lots of News Today

Well it's been a little while since I posted. I really have been busy...really.
I started off last week-end working on a scrapbook page. I can't do cards and scrapbook at the same time, one or the other. Things were going well until I ran out of paper. How can that be???? I only bought one sheet of cardstock on Saturday thinking that would be more than enough. Never just buy is closed Sunday so I have to get it on Monday. Page still not quite done. I need to do the journaling. I'm working up to it. I first had to get the correct spelling of names.
So Tuesday & Wednesday I spent some time at the new location for The Cutting Garden...actually I went over to help stock shelves. OOOHHHH!!!!You will have to drop by for a visit soon. Lots of new stuff. That's all I'll say but if you are on The Cutting Gardens e-mail list there should be an announcement very soon. As soon as I know it's been sent I'll provide a link to the info here for anybody who's not on their e-mail list.
Speaking of The Cutting Garden I will be doing my first class at the new location on Hammonds Plains Rd on February 10th at 6:30 p.m. The class will be this box shown here and another Valentine treat holder. Please NOTE the colors and paper for this box will NOT be as shown. This is discontinued Stampin' Up paper and I will most likely be using paper from Basic Greys new line "Bittersweet". I will hope to have a sample in the store to display sometime next week. (hint, hint) The decorations on the top of the box may vary, however we will be making that paper flower on the top using the scor-pal. Never used one before we'll have two of them there for you to try out. So if you are interested in taking the class call Kim at the store 444-3739 or e-mail to sign up. Looking forward to see you there.

Onto other things. Let's talk weather...I'm getting pretty tired of chipping ice. It's been three times in January that my driveway looked like a skating rink. I went out this afternoon and chipped and chipped and chipped, when I was done my right arm had no strength left in it. lol I gripped my shovel so hard when I was pounding it into the ice the arm got so tired that when I finally quit I couldn't hold anything in that hand. Not even a stamp. For awhile I was even typing with one hand. Now that's slow. It's starting to feel better so maybe I can get over to my craft room and finish the scrapbook page. I will have to post pics of this as it features the flower girl and ring bearer. They are so cute.
I'm outta here for today, hopefully I'll have something to share tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

ohhh this box is so prettyyyy!! what a lovely job!!...yes I know what you mean about ICE...I would much rather have light snow any day than the thick layer of freezing pellets and rain on top of the snow, it's hard as nails almost, lol not fun...hey spring is only a month and a half away, give or take a couple days...keep smilin' and stampin' hahhaa ;?))

Kristen said...

I love the cute little box!

BUT, more importantly! I love you! So be careful when your outside chippin' away at the ice! I don't want you to hurt yourself! Ok?

Ill call sometime soon!

Jaguar Grin said... do I follow your blog?

Also, this is my blog!

Annette said...

Hi there Yvonne... I had to come check in on what you've been up to.. as I haven't heard from you in a while. That box is amazing, as usual, you never disappoint.

Annette C.