Thursday, February 10, 2011


Good Morning To All...

I'm going to have a little rant this morning cause I have no one else to rant to here. I know by my Canadian family & friends it's not cold down here but...I'm freezing. I've been taking a hot water bottle to bed! DH is gone to warmer climates and I'm here. It was below freezing all day yesterday and windy. Okay...I think I'm done...just made another cup of coffee so I could warm my hands to type...

This is a project I made at the Cricut both at CHA. A picture of my favorite little pirate will go in the picture frame.

All the images and paper were made with the Cricut Imagine. This is a machine that both prints and cuts. You can print in any color as you can set the colors. There are cartridges that are preloaded with different patterns so you can alter any of the images you are going to cut. The advantage is no more loading and unloading your cricut to change colors of paper. You can have white paper and change it to suit you. Of course when it first came out I said I didn't need that. Still don't NEED it, but am thinking about it. lol
I've researched it a bit on some forums but of course you usually only get the negatives there. I will wait until a few more glitches get worked out and of course the price will drop cause it always does. The Gypsy was about $300.00 when it first came out and now you can get it for about $90.00. Patience! will pay off. lol

The red striped background was printed onto vinyl and it had that distressed look on it.

My photography didn't capture all the layers. Almost everything only the ship is cut separtely and layered with pop dots.

I should have a card to upload tomorrow.

Weather is to start warming this week-end.

Eight more sleeps till Xavy arrives.



featheredheaven said...

Yvonne....first of all, how can you be cold considering you moved from Nova Scotia to Houston....not the other way around! LOL!!
Although, I must say, I was kind of surprised to see the ice on the palm tree!
Beautiful post!

marlene kiley said...

Marlene said: what a sweet layout. So diff. Your hands must be frozen as you typed both for booth, Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne,Just want you to know that it is freezing here and the snow just keeps coming. I would take your zero degrees and no snow any
I just love this layout, the colors are awesome.
Keep warm!!

Julie Mutch said...

This is wonderful. Love the pirates theme! Great job! :)

Yeah, I'm not very sympathetic, Yvonne, since it's been up to -35C with the windchill here and it just keeps snowing! At least Jim just got home, so he can shovel now for a bit! lol :)