Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ABC Robotz

Good Morning...

Hope everyone celebrated Valentine's Day with someone they love. Whether this was your spouse, children, grandbabies (soon) or your pet.

Here is the long awaited Robotz. I spent many hours cutting and piecing these together. They are all cut with the Robotz cricut cartridges at 5". The backside is full magnet and all the cut pieces are vinyl.

For the magnet I went to Walmart and purchased magnetic sheets that you would use to cover air vents.(BTW this is the same magnets I used to store my Spellbinders on). They come with a white side and black magnet on the other. Two to a package (5" x 12") for about $3.00. I did have one sheet of actual cricut magnet which was about the same weight and looked the same but the sheet was 12 x 12 and not on sale $10.00.

When cutting this with the Cricut you do need a deep blade housing and I set the cut at 4 times. Worked perfectly. The Cricut sure got a workout.

One thing I would do differently next time. I would take my black vinyl (the shadow on each robot) and actually adhere it to my magnet before I cut the shadow. That would eliminate an extra cut and lining it up onto the magnet. Yeah...didn't think of that till I was assembling. Little late!

Hope Xavier likes his new Alphabet Friends!

Today is house cleaning day. I need to find a bed for Xavier to sleep on. Too big for a play pen anymore. He's sleeps in a big boy bed now!


featheredheaven said...

Oh Yvonne! These robots are wonderful! My grandsons would love them! I just got a new Cricut Expression, and learning how to use it! who knows maybe someday I will be able to get this cartridge, and learn how to make these robots!
Thanks Sue

stampernancy@hotmail.com said...

they are amazing!! he should be thrilled!

newfiecrafter said...

Wow Yvonne these are are awesome you sure have a lot of patience and really know your cricut.

Sherry said...

Wow YvonneI love these. They are awesome. Maybe I will check to see if I have something similiar but for a girl and do them for my neice for her birthday. What a beautiful gift with a lot of love and patience put into it.
Great work as always

Julie Mutch said...

WOW! Xavy is gonna love these! They're just too cute for anything! You are a devoted Nanny! lol :)

Love the new look to your blog, very fresh and fun! :)