Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Like Father, Like Son!

Good Morning,

As promised a scrapbook page today. I think it is so cute. New Years 2007 I snapped this photo of my husband and son. My sons wife, Steph took a pic of Xavier with his little touque rolled up just like Grampa. I couldn't resist doing a scrapbook page with it.

I used my cricut to cut out the block with the letter "B", the large words and the tag with "priceless". A scrapbooking program for the text. A stamp for the touque that is over the "B's" and then I put crystal effects on it to raise it & make it glossy. Chipboard pieces are covered with scraps of pattern paper. The brads are altered with distress "Straw" colored embossing powder.

Uneventful day yesterday, almost. We went to buy a new Barbeque cause we now have natural gas hook up for it but the old barbeque can't be converted. Well we buy the barbeque and then it won't fit in the car. When that happens start taking pieces out of the box and see if you can make it fit. Sure enough we got it in. On hindsight though the $60.00 delivery fee might not have been so bad as it would have come assembled then. lol

Side note for my Nova Scotia friends as I type this we are only 4 degrees warmer this morning. Better find the sweatshirt to go walking.



Anonymous said...

Priceless,what memories!..
Really cute...or handsome.. whatever the case may be, ;?) lol.


peter.ann said...

very very nice I need to do one like that with the Surette boys...
Great work

Steph said...

I LOVE it Yvonne! This page is better then I had imagined :)