Saturday, November 28, 2009

Brayer or Sponges???

Good Morning,

A short update on yesterdays adventure. We went to the Texas Renassaince Festival. It was very interesting. Lots of great period costumes. Both from the workers and attendees. Some of the costumes were a little more riska than others but I won't go into detail here. We did watch some jousting and there were juggling acts, belly dancing. Oh and it covered a huge area. I must admit that I'm not quite used to the crowds. It was very slow travelling just to get there. I have no idea the number of people who come out to this event but it is huge.

So todays card I made the night before I left Nova Scotia. I was out for supper at a friends house, Alison, and we did a crafty project after supper. When I do a multicolored background on my glossy cardstock I usually use a brayer. She used sponges. Easier to control where the color goes and you can use any color combination you want, just not what is limited to a multi-colored pad. I can't remember exactly what colors were used but it was about five. It worked great and very easy to blend. The moon was masked out with a circle. A quick card but still classy looking.

It's the week-end now, nothing planned, maybe I will take a trip to the craft store today.

See you Monday. Just a's going to be an interactive card.


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Anonymous said...

This is a really lovely card, you did a great job...I really liked the SB page yesterday too...
Yes that is what I am doing today too,going to the SB/craftstore...hope you have lots of fun...and a great day..