Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Back - House Mouse Christmas

Hello Everyone,

I officially moved into our new home a week ago. Things are unpacked and put away (except the garage, not my domain). Over the next few days I'll share little tidbits of our moving in with you as well as a new project each time. So for the bloggers that only want the scoop on the project just scroll down to the pictures and for all others read from the top down.

Last Monday (October 26th) was the date the movers were to deliver furniture. Wouldn't you know it - no rain for days and the day we want our furniture it rains, and rains and rains. Not just a drizzle either. They unloaded a few boxes that days and finished up on Tuesday. Most of what they unloaded the first day was garage stuff. Too bad as it would have been nice to have organized some stuff before more boxes arrived. Have you ever noticed when you are moving that it doesn't matter how organized you have your cupboards, closets, drawers or whatever they can still manage to take something from a downstairs bathroom and put it in a box with the good china? Maybe they do that in an attempt to make sure you unpack all boxes between moves.

I also unpacked my craft room last. As many of you know I had my craft room located in the attached garage at my last location. Mistake. Not only was my craft stuff in there but also boots, coats, shoes, fitness equipment, typical garage stuff - like flashlights, Canadian Tire Money, and anything else that didn't seem to have a home somewhere else. When they labelled the boxes it all was labelled "Craft Room". My craft room was full of boxes here that weren't my craft room stuff. Won't make that mistake twice!

That's all I'll share of those stories today but I will get to today's project.This is a House Mouse stamp. I had stamped off a few images of it before I left. Thanks Skylar for the use of your stamp. My goal was to color a bunch of them in while I was between houses. I packed my Copics and everything with me. Well I only got two images colored in.
So the images was colored with Copics. All the berries have Crystal Effects on them. Gives that nice raised up glossy look to them. The holly leaves have Dazzling Diamond glitter on them. Used my scallop nestabilities to create the window effect on the card. In two of the corners I cut out holly images using the Cricut, applied Dazzling Diamonds to them as well and then put a red Dew Drop with each holly leaf. didn't glue down the corners of the leaf to give the card a little more dimension.

That's all I've got for today. Will have a special project to share tomorrow. It's a Halloween card but a neat design. I didn't make it but want to try something similar with different stamps.
Be sure to check back!



peter.ann said...

your coloring of the house mouse image is beautiful I love it... so much I even looked at buying some lol what would I do with all my SU stamps if I got into that as well... Great job as usual I enjoy your blog

Anonymous said...

ahh so cute! Annette