Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boo - a little late!

Happy Wednesday Folks,

It's going to be another sunny day here in the mid twentys. almost makes it hard to craft...not really. lol

First off my cell phone story. I gave up my Canadian cell phone and need to get another one here. I'm trying to find a carrier that will give me free long distance back to Canada. Almost all of the companies that I check into give free long distance nationally and to Mexico. I finally find one company that has long distance to Canada included in the plan. I won't mention the specific carrier. I go in sign up, get the phone and head home. The next day the movers are delivering stuff and DH is trying to get a hold of me as no house phone yet. I keep losing his connection in the house. Don't really think much of it as I was a little pre-occupied. The next day I'm wanting to call my DD. We always have a long chit chat. So a couple of things are going on this night. There's quite a storm happening. I believe we may have even had flooding and tornado watches out for the evening. Surprising enough I didn't get to fussed about it. So I ring her up from my kitchen and after about 30 seconds the call is dropped. Hmmm....I check the bars on my phone and I don't have any. I run around the house and in certain areas I might get one bar but it comes and goes. Turns out if I sit on the roof I might get reception. So I go out to my front step to call her back. I get one bar if I tilt my head the right direction. So we're having our chit chat. Important stuff you know...Survivor, Amazing Race, what we ate for supper.
Now I will get off topic for just a minute...I maybe living in the Houston area but we are in a quiet little subdivision off of a state reserve. So earlier in the day I saw a squirell in the backyard. No big deal, seen lots of squirells. Later in the afternoon coming home from shopping there is a deer at the end of the street. Seen lots of deer too and in town (Alberta) but we had our share of deer in our subdivision in Antigonish (NS)too. Here's what I wasn't prepared for. Back to the part about it being 10:00 at night sitting on my front step talking to the DD this racoon came scooting around the corner looked up at me and I swear at that point the DD didn't need a cell phone connection to hear me. I'm not sure who was more surprised me or the racoon. Needless to say he ran off and my DD wanted to know if I had stepped on the poor thing as she was sure by the screach that it had to be a wounded At the end of the day I've taken my cell phone back and am still looking for another provider.


Now for what all you crafters have been really waiting for a little info about todays card. First off, I didn't make this card. It was given to me by a good friend, Ann. Okay, I had to beg for it a little bit but she did give it to me anyway.
I thought it was such a unique fold. There are about 5 different layers on this card, lot of cut out work. The window is cut out and then popped up for a little more depth. The bats and skelton are all cut out. This card is a regular 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card. You can close it up and mail it in a regular envelope. The front part is scored at 2 3/4" and folded in half so it will stand. You stamp and decorate it anyway you want but so it will stand notice the tab at the very top of the card where the little gem brad is. It's designed so the front of the card can slide under the tab so the card will stay standing up. So cute. I'm going to try one of these in the next couple of days. If I could just find my Christmas stamps maybe I would try it with one of them. (All my stamps are still in boxes until I get shelves for them. ugh)
Thanks again Ann for the great card.

Found the mop, darn, guess I'm off to wash floors now. Enjoy your day.



Anonymous said...

WOnderful card,I am not into HAlloween BUT but actually think it a really cool and alot of work. Already starting to have visions of one made in Christmas style,,,Thanks for posting it....Can't wiat to see your Christmas version, ;?)!Stampster(BC on NS BAy of Fundy......)

peter.ann said...

well my card looks pretty good on the internet... I made 5 of those cards and will attempt a Christmas one as well I really like the fold and card making any way I had a good teacher...Thanks Yvonne for giving me the addiction...