Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Yes, I'm celebrating. I'm wearing my new Canada Roots T-Shirt that my God daughter sent to me and I've got my Canadian pinwheel sitting amongst my Sego Palm. I have all sorts of Canadian goodies to celebrate with as my birthday package was themed with Canadian only items. Roots, obviously, I have Tim Horton coffee, maple syrup, maple sugar candy (gone), mints, a cool Roots bag, Rocky Mountain soap and my own Canada Flag tag to put on my luggage when I fly home in 30 days! WooHoo.

I'm having such a good day...the UPS delivery person just arrived with another parcel. I haven't open this up yet as it is for Kevin and me. But it's from Kristen and is very cutely decorated with a hand drawn moose, beaver and maple leafs on the outside paper.

As I promised on Monday I would share another page that would compliment the Canada Day page previously shared. 

It's using the same paper I got from FargoCat Shops. ...I'm just using the reverse side. I created the olympic circles using the silhouette feature on the George and Basic Shapes Cartridge. 2010 was cut with Base Camp another Circut cartridge. For the journalling I choose to print all the medal events and medallists who earned a medal in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. It also just happened that Mommy took a picture of Xavier watching the TV when Canada won the Women's Gold for Snowboard Cross!

I have the document typed up on Microsoft Word so if anybody wanted a copy contact me, be sure to send your address and I'll forward you a copy of the medallists.

Be sure to enjoy your day. Take some pictures!

I'll see you tomorrow...I have a fancy fold card to share and it's already completed and photographed!


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Anonymous said...

awesome job Yvonne, nice to see Xavier enjoyed the games to!!!
Have a Great Canada Day
Sherry K