Friday, July 23, 2010

Country Christmas

Hi There,

Friday...I missed getting my Thursday post out. I was busy doing "wall art". I have a cricut cartridge called "Cars" and I am busy making wall decorations for Xavier. You can buy vinyl and cut out the shapes on the Cricut. The cars have many different layers making them quite detailed. I thought it would be a good idea not only to make the first layer vinyl but all of them cause the vinyl is self-adhesive and I just thought it would be easier to glue everything together.

Hmmm.....I should have thought again....The vinyl is very sticky and you really only get one shot at adhering the pieces together. "Sally" was my first attempt and I wrecked the first car body I cut. I have to take the protective backing off in small stages. Anyway I've got a few done now and will take photos of them soon. They really are sooo cute!

Of all the cards I've done with the Just-Rite Stamps this is my least favorite design. It was also my first design. Tells you, that you get better with practice.

It is a gate fold card. The yellows photographed a little off. In real life they are closer to being the same color. Nestabilities used for the circles and copics for coloring. Not sure where the pattern paper came from...memory isn't that good.

I may post up another one tomorrow....if not I'll give you a couple to look at on Monday.

Deborah is off to CHA in Chicago so she will be ordering some new stuff for .
If there are some of the new Spellbinders you are interested in please contact her as she will be placing an order at CHA.

We're expecting a houseful tomorrow for burger and hot dogs. DH has invited a bunch from his office. Weather is supposed to be hot and sunny as long as the tropical storm stays away.

Enjoy your week-end and one week from today I'll be in Toronto!


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Steph said...

I'm kind of really glad you're making Xavy new stuff for his walls. He's started peeling and ripping apart the letters he can reach from his crib :P The "W" is toast!