Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's A Fairy Day

Good Afternoon,

I seem to be doing more afternoon posts than morning posts lately. Must be due to my walking earlier. First about the card and then I'll ramble about my morning walk.

Isn't my fairly beeuuutiful? I think so anyway. When I was at Hobby Lobby a couple of days ago I found a whole package of fairy's in the discontinued bin. There's four fairies and a few more flowers. They are unmounted and only had to pay $5.99 for the package. Who can't resist something as cute as that.

I'm going to share some wisdom here (I need to heed my own wisdom). Pick your paper before you start coloring with your copics. I must admit I'm used to using SU stuff where everything is color co-ordinated from inks, markers, paper etc. Well I have lots of pretty other paper that I would like to use too...but I find it difficult to color the image first and then try and start matching papers.

So what did I do on this image. Well I colored first and then picked paper. Everything went well until the part with the wings. I ended up coloring them to bluey (is that a word?) a they didn't want to match anything. I did fix the problem...I tried adding more layers of color and when that really didn't fix the problem I added Dazzling Diamonds Glitter. it muted the bluey color down to blend more with the green. I tried to find a suitable saying to go on the card but didn't have one so I opted for pearls down the side. You can never go wrong with pearls.

Hope you like the card!

Now if you're still reading I'm going to discuss my walk. If you're not interested (that's okay) I say "See you tomorrow" now.

So I'm out for my walk. I walk in my subdivision and then there is a neighboring one that each home is probably on about an acre. Much more wooded. So I'm motoring along, head set on, listening to a country station, (yeah, I like country)absorbed in my own little world. By the way, no sidewalks - I'm walking on the side of the road. I lift up my head and a deer is standing about 10 feet from me. It's perfectly still. I'm thinking "Another one of those fake deer people put in their yards. Gee it sure looks real but I wonder why somebody would put it on the edge of their property right by the bushes. It still has not moved. I walk just a couple more feet and around the corner of the bush is another smaller deer. He at least moved it's head so I knew it was alive! They never did move....I decided to walk on the other side of the road...didn't want to make animal upset should I come between them and their young. No fear what so ever.

So I really should start taking a camera with me cause the morning before when I was walking their was amazing water drops on the tips of the evergreens and the sun was shining just right so it would have been beautiful.

If you stuck around...glad you did. I'll see you tomorrow.

Nana sends a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO XAVIER"! He's a year already.


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