Friday, February 26, 2010

Wall Art- Powder Room - Cuttlebug Challenge #72

Good Morning,

Look what I did yesterday. I made a wall hanging for the "Powder Room"!

I've been in the process of decorating the house. It took me three months to decide the color theme/style for the guest bathroom. Originally I wanted something in blues & oranges & funky to match the bedroom but after searching every store both locally and online I soon realized I just wasn't going to find what I envisioned in my little mind. So it was time to change directions. I still wanted something funky...I'm always more practical so this was my chance to live on the wild side. Who would have thought? lol

The wall colors area light brown/beige color so my first instinct is black/red/white isn't going to go...I finally let that notion rest...not before I left the curtain and everything hang for a few days to make sure I liked it and it wasn't going to cause me sleepless nights cause the walls weren't white.

I then brought out my newest toy the Gypsy to create the wording. If you have a design studio you can do this as well. I can play with it in front of the TV while I'm sitting with hubby and he is enjoying surfing all the stations ont he TV. You gals know how that just figure okay this might be an okay show to watch...ooops commercial time...and the surfing begins until he finds another channel without a commercial...we pause there until the next commercial. lol See how I've gotten off track...

I used Alphalicious for the font, Mickey & Friends for the lipstick and Wedding for the shoe. The beauty of this is I was able to pull up all those images and then "weld" them together so everything is one piece. I also cut the top of the lipstick and the shoe out separately on red cardstock and then ran it through my sticker maker so I could apply glitter to the top so it had a little bling to it.

The main image is cut out of black vinyl on the cricut and applied to the wall. This was my first attempt at this and I would suggest something a little smaller so you understand how the transfer paper and everything works. Halfway through the project isn't the best time to be reading directions. lol
I don't think you can see it but all of our walls in the house are textured. The drywall isn't smooth like most of the homes I've lived in. When looking at homes here all the houses were like this. My point being...yes there was a point...even though they weren't smooth I was still able to apply the word art. Another idea would have been to paint a larger piece of wood and apply the words to that. This vinyl is also supposed to be able to peel off the wall and leave no mark.

Thought I would include this picture too. I found this time wall art that was just a perfect fit for the room.

Todays project also fit the challenge over at Cuttlebug. Any wall hanging.

Must be time for me to finish the coffee and get doing something. Looks like I might be doing something tomorrow so if I do I'll give you the scoop on Monday.
Enjoy your week-end...I'm going to!



Julie Mutch said...

What a fun powder room! :) Hope you have a great weekend! Take care!


ann said...

Awesome Yvonne can you send me down a plane ticket and I will come enjoy your guest bedroom and bathroom for a weekend!!! I'll be good

Jodi said...

adorable room!!!

Judy said...

Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne... Your wall hanging is `beautiufl What a fab idea.....
I soo love those towels and shower curtain!!!Very `chic`:)
Thanks for joining in with the Cuttlebug challenge great to see you there