Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Co-ordinations & Post It Paper

Hello...a little later in the day for me to be posting. No stories to tell today just a little about some other new products.

The card above was made from "Post-It's" new craft paper. To start with it is fully adhesive on one side. No need for messy glue. The back is completely sticky. You can emboss it and sand as shown above. It can be torn and will show a white edge. As I said the back side is sticky but has a protective cover. You can use this sticky side for glitter projects.  You are also able to stamp, print and color on this product. You can check it out at www.post-it.com/craft   It was fast and easy to work with. And...it's endorsed by Cricut so you can use it in your machine and not void warranty!

Secondly Co-ordinations has another line of paper...this time it is already embossed for you. I believe it is called Core Impressions. I received samples of  some of the new paper. There is one that is a little larger than the swiss dots embossing from the Cuttlebug, then there was a texture like bubbles but they are uniform on the paper, followed by a snowflake or it could be callled a starburst. Another one looks like small stars and I also saw a herring bone texture.  Some of the pieces were brown on the outside with color in the core, there were some that was the washed white with color on the inside. I don't know how many different color assortments they are offering.

The last tidbit I'll share...I always remember stuff after I'm done posting. For all you Cuttlebug owners they have come out with extender plates. You know how some of those dies are 12 inches long. Especially the border ones and it's such a pain to try and cut them with our little Cuttlebugs well you can now buy longer A, B & C plates. I thought that was pretty cool.

I should be back tomorrow morning and then I'll be gone for a few days. I'm going to Mardi Gras! 

Enjoy surfing the net to check out these products.


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