Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's That Dog Gone Time.....

Good Morning,

Sorry I missed posting yesterday...I did make a card but just didn't get it photographed and it needs photographing versus scanning. So next week I'll show you my wiper card!

Yesterday was exciting...yeah hubby made it was nice to share a meal with somebody and he cooked it. lol Even better. And more exciting news "My Gypsy" arrived. For those of you that aren't familiar with this little jewel it's used in conjunction with the Cricut cutting machine. I had to wait until 3 o'clock for the UPS mail to deliver it but I wasn't leaving my front window until he arrived. Didn't want to miss him as I'm going away today. hehe Oh yes, this is a portable device, looks like a kids Nintendo DS system and I can take it in the car with me and design layouts, word books, or anything else paper related and then when I get home I can hook it up to the cricut and it will cut out the items I've designed. If I want to go to a crop I just have to take this thing and all my cartridges are pre-loaded into it so everything is handy. I played with it at CHA and decided I wanted it. Before that I swore it was not a necessity. lol So much for that theory. So maybe next week I can show you something I've made with it too.

Onto today's card. This was one I made while at CHA. The was at a copic class. Learned a few interesting tricks/tips while there and I've been working on them. This is a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch card. The front of the card is folded back in half so you actually see some of the inside of the card. Just wanted to let you know that cause it's sometimes hard when you scan a card to show things like that.

What we were working on this card was background. The trick here is to take your copic blender pen and wet your background before you apply color. I'm referring to the blue area behind the dog. I actually colored it in in sections as the blender ink will dry quickly. Wet a small area with the blender pen, then with a light blue make small/light strokes with the pen starting at the dog and stroking outward. Because the paper is damp with the blender solution it will lighten and also bleed or feather. It reallyd does work with a little practice. I always hated trying to do the backgrounds cause it was too dark or there was always distinct lines.
How about those little paw prints. The paw was punched out first and then a circle was punched, so it was two punches not just one.  Too cute for you animal lovers. I'm pretty sure you can't see it but the spots on the dog actually have some glitter fuzz (that's not the right word but I can't think of it at the's like that stuff you put inside jewellery boxes and it almost feels like felt). Anyway this is a new product too and it has glitter in it. It was nice and fine and goes on with glue.
Had to show you the inside or the words you read on the front really wouldn't have made a lot of sense.

That's my's raining here, again, and I'm off to finish packing my little suitcase to go to Mardi Gras. (This is for Kristen.....yes, I promise to be careful! She's a protective daughter!)

Yvonne (aka Mom)

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