Friday, February 5, 2010

The Last Wedding Layout!

Good Morning,

I've completed the last layout for Adam & Steph's wedding album. Have to print off a couple of pictures for the front cover and I'm done.

No titles on these two pages...I thought it was pretty self-explanatory and I think I ran out of creative titles. lol

How do you like all the bling? Each one of those pieces were placed on separately. These are not ones you buy already in a strip and just lay down. No, no, no...What I did use though was a little plastic template from Bazzill Basics. Click on the highlight and you can get a better idea. This wasn't the one I purchased but you get the idea. They can be used for stitching or as a template for evenly spacing gems, brads, eyelets etc. Mine came as a pack of two and I opted for the basic shapes. The swirly that you see on the page, lines for square and round corners were on one plastic template...the other has zig zag, scalloped, wavy and a straight line. So pretty versatile. There's close-ups farther down.
Are you wondering about the shoes...yeah...I know a little different on a scrapbook page...I just thought it fit.

Are there any Cricut enthusiatics here? I'll share a couple little things I learned on making this page. This pertains to those with the Expression. See the circles that I've cut on the above photo and the mat is perfectly sized. First I used George Basics. I set my machine to centre point, placed the blade exactly in the centre and then decided how large I needed the inner circle to be. By the way I switched to cm/mm so I could be more accurate and get more sizes. Did you know you could do that? After the first circle was cut the machine goes make to centre point automatically and I was able to increase the size of my circle and then cut a second time.(Makes sure you know exactly how big the circles were, especially if you are using mm's as you will need those numbers to make the shadow). That gave me the flower circle and then I wanted to shadow it. I repeated the same process making the first cut for the inner circle smaller than the first cut for the flower circle and the second cut larger than the outer flower circle. Clear...give it a try and it will be. Also note you can only use the centre point feature if you are in "Landscape mode".

Okay that covers todays project.

Not much happening here. Hubby is away...concrete is being poured in the backyard for decking as we speak. Once everything is done I will do one post showing evrything from start to finish. That way those of you who aren't offense don't have to endure picture update when what you really want to see is papercraft. I also know some of you like my sidetracks. I enjoy them too.

Have a good week-end. I might be back tomorrow with something.



Anonymous said...

Oh my Yvonne this layout is really lovely. I love the square plus circle look and the paper and the blingand everything. HMMMM I will be looking into more templates,lol....yes indeed they would be good for needle work too.AHHH the shoes says it all, what a great ending...Brenda C in NS

Julie Mutch said...

Yvonne, this is just gorgeous! What a nice layout, I'm sure Adam & Steph will love it! Such a nice way to remember back to that special day. Just gorgeous!

Glad to hear things are going well with the new house. Post pics when all is done. I'm one of the ones that doesn't mind you sidetracking! I enjoy hearing about a people's personal lives, as well as seeing their crafty work. lol :)

Have a great weekend!