Monday, February 8, 2010

Celebrity Spotting! Tim Holtz

Good Morning!
How was the week-end? Mine was sort of eventful...but not really. lol
I lost my computer/TV/phone. Well actually just the connection, I still had the actual item. All of those are run by one company called Consolidated. Around supper on Friday as I was surfing the internet I noticed I lost my connection. Observant of me I know! The blank screen which says, " You have a problem...unable to connect!" was my first tip off. From there I thought I might check out what I had taped on TV. Nothing like sitting in front of the TV with your frozen dinner entree. Gournet all the way...hhhhmmmm no TV. Now I'm thinking my's all connected. Sure enough no dial tone either. No problem I have another phone that hooks to my majicjack.'s doesn't work unless your computer works. Cell phone, where are you? Good thing I finally got one of those a couple of weeks ago. By the way if you don't use a cell phone much the pay as you go ones from Walmart are great! Okay, back to topic...I contact the they haven't had any reported outages but they'll get somebody on it, but probably not until Saturday.

We have a lot of construction around here so I thought maybe that was the problem. Finally around noon somebody showed up and a GFI plug had tripped. I had checked everything in the breaker box and it was okay. It was a regular plug-in in the garage that would give you no indiction that it was all hooked to your lifeline. But now I know how to fix it, should my overloading the system cause it to fail again! lol

Onto my celebrity post. I took one of Tim Holtz's classes at CHA. These are Grungepaper roses. It was a great class, two hours long and very fast paced. I think it was the best class I took. There  were about a 100 of us in the room. We got an awesome assortment of his new distress inks and stickles to keep as well. In additons he gave everybody a copy of his new book he released called "A Compendium of Curiosities". It's filled with great artwork and detailed instructions on using his product and the techniques he teaches!

Those flowers were cut out of grungepaper and covered with newsprint and then altered with the new distress colored inks.
Tim Holtz was also giving away each morning the the CHA show a limited number of his new sizzix dies for borders. My friend and I lined up outside the doors of the CHA about an hour early to be first in line to get through the doors and then try and get to his booth in time. Day one we didn't make it but day  two we succeeded. He signed our dies as well as our book we received the previous day. If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of his classes I'm sure you won't be disappointed!
That about covers my sharing today.



newfiecrafter said...

Yvonne this is gorgeous just love the colors of the flowers . I have some grungepaper so may have to try those .

ann said...

you look nice in the pic. Yvonne Texas is treating you well...Beautiful flower I would really enjoy going tot hat show as well. Looks like your having fun!!!