Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Are My Q-T Pie!

Morning All!

A quick post today as I'm heading off to a card class. Will give me lots of stuff to post for a few days. lol

I need to get away from the house. Getting tired already of construction stuff. Back hoes are running up and down the lot beside us making everything ready for concrete. It's going to be crazy until the houses are framed. Won't be so bad once they are working inside the houses. Can you imagine the noise when they are doing the framing.

I did make a Valentine's Day card for a special little person in my life.

Border punch is by Fiskars, the paper and stamps are Stampin' UP. The eyelets I've had forever and finally get to use a couple of them. I've got hearts, hearts and more hearts not to mention lips, x & o's, cupids and arrows....I probably have way more valentine embellishments than I'm ever going to use. If I'm totally honest I probably have way more of everything than I'm ever going to use. How about you....are you a collector or a user? Let me know. lol Oh...and it doesn't have to relate just to stamping/scrapbooking stuff. What about those quilters/knitters,out there? How many balls of yarn have you picked up cause it's pretty? Getting sidetracked....

That's about all there is to say about the card. I have also made a couple of candy holders...mmmmm....sadly all the candy didn't make it to the containers. I'll share those tomorrow.

A special thank you to all who comment on my blog, it is appreciated. If you leave and e-mail or a link I'll respond. However, if you just leave a comment I don't receive an e-mail address I can respond to, sooooo if you don't hear from me it wasn't cause I didn't appreciate your comment!

Time to be off to my class....



Cheryl said...

Cute card Yvonne! Have fun being out of the house.

loyaz said...

What a 'Q T Pie' Adorable card. Who makes the stamp or Digi?
Thanks for sharing

featheredheaven said...

Yvonne, What a wonderful card! It's kind of nice to see a "boy" card for valentines day! I have a grandson & a nephew. Our daughter is blessing us with another grandbaby come July....most likely another boy....we don't know yet.
Right now ( to answer your question) I guess I am a collector
:(. I am however going to be using more of my stuff once we get my new scrapbook/card area set up....sooner then later I hope

Jaguar Grin said...

See? It's not just me that collects stuff! I have so much more art supplies than I use and love it! :)

featheredheaven said...

Nice to know that I'm not alone with buying things. I honestly have stuff that I haven't even tried using yet...crop a dile for example! That's gonna be fun to play with! LOL!!! One thing that I have used a fair amount of is my Cuttle bug! Love it! Looking forward to using my Cricut alot more too.
I've bought all kinds of things before I even really got into wanting to scrapbook/card amke...all my husband kept saying was....not you think if you should see if you like doing this stuff before you buy a bumch of expensive toys that you may not use? Know what I told him....bite me!!! LOL!!!