Saturday, January 2, 2010

Children's Birthday Cards - Boy & Girl

Good Morning,

I'm checking things out to see if the new delivery system is working.

A couple birthday cards today for a niece and nephew. It's so much fun using brighter colors. Don't get much of an opportunity for that.

Do you see the bugs crawling in and out of the card? I really wanted to make some interactive cards but I ran out of time (I was already late on the cards, not counting the mail time it would take to get to Canada).

Heading off to do some girl stuff with Kristen today and I might take down the Christmas tree. The branches are starting to look pretty droopy.

Enjoy your day and if you have any comments on the new delivery system let me know.

Also don't forget to try the card sketch challenge on yesterdays post.


1 comment:

peter.ann said...

i really like the girl card i have to make a birthday card for my grand daughter and you know i haven't used that stamp set in a long time i bought it from donna s when she was selling off her su stuff i liked it as i have 2 small grandaughters great choice and nice colors always a please to look at your work