Monday, January 25, 2010

Hearts,Hearts, Hearts & Cricut Cake

Hi There,

I've come back to the hotel early this afternoon for a little rest before heading out again.

This time I'll talk about the card first and after the picture I'll give few updates from CHA.

I promise once I return I'll post a litle more variety. I preloaded these all these cards. A very simple card...just get out your scrap paper and a punch. That's all. Punch out 8 hearts and glue those to your cardstock. Don't have a stamp like I have on the bottom of the card. Two options...use something else you like or go to your computer type something up and print it onto your cardstock before you cute it. This way you can get the typed words where you want them if you're not good at figuring out where the wording is going to print.

Also on this card the pink layer that has the border edge is acutally the card base. So think of it this way. Fold your pink cardstock (5 1/2 x 8 1/2) in half. Punch a border along the edge and then take brown cardstock (5 1/2 x 4 1/4) and place this underneath the pink layer so just a little of the brown shows through.

Now onto some updates: Cricut has come out with another new machine called the "Cricut Cake". Not used for papercrafting but for will sit in your kitchen. It comes in a pretty red color and will revolutionize cake decorating. You can utilize all your existing cartridges in this machine but it is specially designed to cut fondant and gum paste. It really is very cool. I've been doing my best to win one. I've been walking around for two days wearing a bakers hat. I did win a ticket today for entry but didn't end up winning. There's always tomorrow. Steph you could use this!

I also had an opporunity to try out Cricut's Gypsy. I really didn't think I needed one of those, well I still don't but I want one. lol I currently have Cricut's Design studio that works through your computer. For demos and find out more go to Anyway the biggests feature for me was that anything you design you have the ability to make a larger or smaller size for layering purposes. When you create a project with the design studio you don't have the option to re-create that exact item a 1/4 of inch larger. They've been giving some of those away too...I'm hoping to get lucky.

I had my picture taken with a celebrity today while they were signing my book and free die. Anybody know who that might be....stay tuned as I post the photo when I get home.

Hope I haven't bored you too much with my rambling....have a good afternoon.



ann said...

Yvonne I always enjoy your ramblings LOL I wish I was there sounds like your having a lot of fun... I'm preparing for a workshop today that's my excitement then going to the pool for a while but your day sounds a whole lot better... I'm looking forward to seeing that picture of you with the celebrity

Steph said...

OMG I COULD use that! lol