Friday, January 29, 2010

Flower Soft & Rub On's


I returned home from CHA. It was quite the experience. I should have logged how far I walked each day.

Over the next few days I'll try and show some of the projects or products I used at CHA.

For today's card I used "Flower Soft". Previous to attending CHA I had heard about the product but had not used it. I did take a class and have projects to share from that but todays card was my own. I made it last night.

I'm going to start by talking about the embellishments...I've decided to try and use more "stuff" from my stash and maybe even "stuff" that I've received but just haven't even tried. The flower strip down the side are fabric flowers. Sticky on the back and I had picked up these flower borders from the Dollar store. For added impact I placed a little pearl in the centre of each flower.

Are you ready for this?.....I used rub-ons. lol I know, me with all those stamps...The rub-ons are from Stampin' Up and I decided to give it a whirl. I liked it. So if you have some that are just sitting there, why not give it a try, you already have them. You probably can't read the saying at the top but it says "Life is Beautiful." The flowers on the bottom right hand side are also rub-ons but the one flower was the same size as the flower strip so I cut out one flower and placed it overtop. Oh yes, I also put a flower beside the words...that's because I made an ooooppps! But you'd never know after my little fix.

I used the Spellbinder ovals and scalloped ovals in three different sizes and a gold pen to outline the stamped oval.

Pop to the bottom of the post if you want to hear about "Flower Soft".
Flower Soft comes in lots of different colors and now TWO textures. The regular that you've seen for the last year and now also an ultra fine. I've only had a chance to play with the regular but I think my preference would be the ultrafine. You know me...I like everything so it can be neat & tidy. It reminds me of styrofoam that has been finely shaved and colored.
To adhere it you use a good glue. I used their brand but it was a white high tack PVA glue. I cannot comment as to how well other brands would work. You place small drops of glue or cover an entire area with glue, then sprinkle the flower soft over the glue and gently tap off the extra. If you want you can lightly pat the area that has flower sofe before you remove the excess. I believe using less is better than over doing it.

If you click on the photos above you will be able to see the flower soft on the card where flowers should be. You can use this flower soft anywhere you want texture or added depth. Each container has a generous amount so I might suggest finding a friend and sharing different colors. The color I used on this card is called "Spring". The have them in solid colors and then multi-colored as well.

I'll be back with some more samples and instruction on making a flower bouquet and using it on animals. I'll also try and get a good picture of what the product looks like.

I've had my card sketch up since the first of January...if you're planning on posting your take to it please do so by the 31st. I will be giving away a little something one lucky entrant.

Hope you enjoyed todays post and come back tomorrow.



newfiecrafter said...

Amazing how the older SU stamps appear so much nicer when done with the spellbinders. Very pretty card I like the fold.

Sam said...

I never tire of seeing this stamp,she is so cute, Some stamps are just keepers, to be used always,IMHO she is one of them...Lovely job, nice to see you back safe and sound and ready to SHARE,LOL. I have some flowers soft, I have used it a few times,but would LOVE to try to new fine stuff.I need practice with the regular stuff,I am too heavy handed with it,it seems. But practice,practice, and I will get it,lol. I am excited to see you do animals with it. Take care. Brenda C in NS

Anonymous said...

Liked how you used the Flower Soft!! You just had to get it home and in your own surroundings! (LOL)

albarto said...
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shiren said...

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