Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zoo Run

Hi There Bloggers...

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I've been a little short on projects this week as I was creating this scrapbook page. You know, I get something in my head and just can't shake it. I probably changed the design of the page five times but did manage to keep the original concept there. lol

These two pages did take a lot of time as there are many layers to each component. Kristen did a 10K run in October with pledges going to the Toronto Zoo. It's been my goal this year to scrapbook each event that she entered. I only have one more to go to be caught up. (Thank goodness winter is here and no more runs till Spring!) lol

Cartridges Used:

Animal Kingdom - animals
Cindy Loo - tree
George & Basic Shapes - circles
Sports Mania - girl
Going Places - arrow and "This Way"
Cars - road
Lyrical Letters - "Start" & "Finish"

Each piece of 12 x 12 pattern paper distressed with Tim Holtz - Frayed Burlap as well as the tree and all circles.

Do you see the black outline on the road and animals? I used a black cricut marker. It fits into your machine and the Cricut first traces the outline and then you re-insert the blade to cut the shape out. It's great for giving some extra dimension. The ears on the animals were colored in with chalk. A white gel pen for the faux stitching.
To highlight Kristen in each photo I created a silhouette shape to surround here. Just helps to focus in a bit better. On both the Start & Finish I used the negative of the cut out shape rather than the individual letters themselves. The black is just a piece of cardstock slightly smaller than the colored shape.
Continued with the faux stitching to keep both pages uniform.
There were holes in the tree and the purple cardstock showed through from behind. To make the berries look glossy  I used Crystal Effects. Applied one layer and let it dry and then applied another so I could have it nice and raised.

Planning on working on a card for tomorrow.

I've been so good about going to the gym. Yes, I finally joined the YMCA. Been trying out a lot of the different classes but due to either old age or not being careful enough when I was young I experience knee pain. Zumba class was fun but the knees didn't like it. So far it seems like swimming, water aerobics, yoga and the eclipse machine have been okay on those joints. I have sneaked in a step class or two but I have to be really careful at those.

Hope you're doing something you enjoy this afternoon!



newfiecrafter said...

Beautiful pages so much detail I can see that they would have been very time consuming.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job on the pages Yvonne.Wow there is a lot of detail. Guess I should start doing something with all those cricket cartridges hey...

Anonymous said...

Marlene Said: Love the background paper on the top layout, also the tree. Very colorful as well as time consuming. Nice going.