Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week Two - Christmas Wish List - Blog Candy

Good Morning,
Today I'm going to share two items that I think are must haves in your craft room.

1) Inkssentials non-stick Craft Sheet - This 15” x 18” reusable, protective Non-Stick Craft Sheet from Ranger is the answer to all your craft surface needs! Nothing sticks to it or penetrates its surface! The slick, non-porous material withstands high temperatures and repels liquids. It’s perfect for use when stamping, embossing, ironing, painting, baking, and using Ranger’s Melting Pot. Embossing powders, inks, candle wax, soap chips, paint, hot glue and even solder won’t penetrate or distort its smooth-as-glass finish. Any excess melted product, once cooled, can be easily peeled off. Clean-up is quick and easy, so the Craft Sheet can be used again and again.

For years I used my computer paper as scrap paper on my desk. I was forever changing the paper due to glue and ink all over it not to mention the 8 1/2 x 11 paper was never big enough. I always had ink on my desk!  It took me a long time but when I finally got one...there will be no going back.
Deborah's price on these are $16.00.
2) Inkssentials™ Blending Tool & Foam - Use the Inkssentials™ Ink Blending Tool™ and Foam for mess-free ink application on paper projects!

I love using this tool with the craft mat. I have to admit I was a big fan of the Stampin' Up sponges and honestly thought nothing could compare to them but I was wrong.

When using these start by inking up the sponge and before you apply it to your papercraft project rub the sponge in a circular motion on your craft mat first. Then continue the circular motion onto your project. This will help the color to be more graduated on your project. If you ink up directly onto the sponge and apply directly to your paper you will get dark and blotchy areas. This is fine if that was your intent in the first place!

Deborah's price on each of these is $5.50.

I've also seen where people keep a different color sponge for each color of ink that they have. Saves washing them out all the time. I must try that as I have enough individual foams.

You can hop over to Marilyn's (shares on Fridays) or Deborah's (share's on Mondays) blog to see what their favorite products are.

For a chance to win some blog candy be sure to leave a comment on this  post. For more details and a chance to still comment on last weeks post click here.

Thursday I'll add a post of some of the blog candy as well as a card to share.

Have a great day and if you get a chance to go to the craft fair in Halifax be sure to find Deborah with Fargo Cat Shops. She will have some great product there! Can't make it but want 902-923-2835.



Sharon said...

Hi Yvonne: I'm a friend of Deborah's and Marilyn's. I just recently bought the TH inker tool and sponges from Fargo Cat shop. It's great to have different ones for the many colours of distress inks.

featheredheaven said...

Hi there! I never heard of the mat before, but sounds like a wonderful idea! Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas this year! I am going to the craft show to meet up with Deborah and pick up the order I have already placed!
Thanks! Sue

Sharon said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog Yvonne. I think I did meet you years ago when Deborah first started SU classes at the Westside School? I live in NG town.

Anonymous said...

Marlene said: You time your products perfectly as I am going to the Exhibition Park on Friday and will make sure to purchase a inkssentials craft sheet. Thanks for the great tip.

Corinne said...

I want one of those craft sheets. Now I have an excuse to go to yet another craft fair :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne, I have the craft mat and the blending tool and love both of them. I agree with you on the computer paper, it can get really messy.
Sherry K

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne
I was at one of Deborah's classes and Marilyn had one those craft sheets. I think it is something I might have to invest in.

gocanucksgo said...

Hi Yvonne! New follower here and i'm enjoying your blog so far =) That craft sheet sounds amazing (I use the paper to cover my desk). Keep up the fabulous work!!