Friday, November 19, 2010


Good Morning

For starters this morning I was one of three people who was featured on Stampsmith blog. So that was pretty exciting. Thank you for picking my card. You can see all the other entries by popping on over to their blog and perhaps entering the next challenge yourself.

What else is new here. Been faithfully going to the gym. Working away on Christmas projects. That's it!

For all you Cricut users out there...I have a tip this morning. If your image isn't cutting completely out or leaves a bit of a rough edge program the cricut to cut the image twice. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes especially on the intricate cuts. It's also important to keep your mat clean so when the blade is cutting the image it doesn't hit a piece of paper underneath and cause the paper to tear.

This card is one of the projects we did at the "Vintage Christmas " card class I took. They used all Tim Holtz products.

I like the cards and they keep growing on me! They are not ones that are in my comfort zones. I'm not a "shabby chic" crafter. Actually I probably worry that somebody that I send it too would look at it and say," She didn't put the layers on straight." This card will have to go to a crafty friend who can appreciate this art.!

Couple things about the card.

The green background - the paper was cut larger than the base.
                                   - sanded all four sides and then glues the green paper to the red on an angle. Cut off
                                      pieces that hung over the side and re-sanded those areas.

Santa - stamped in black ink and then a script stamp stamped over top.
          - used ink and a sponge to color in Santa. Distressed the edges

Tress - Those trees in the corner have Flower Soft on them.

25 - The numbers were a die cut and used Tim Holtz dauber to color them in. First time I had used that    
        product and it was pretty neat. Depending on how much you used it created an interesting pattern.

Add some black twine, stamp your believe and staple it with Tim Holtzes little stapler.

Santas face has a bit of sparkle. Used stickles and rubbed it over the beard with my finger. Give that a try instead of just squeezing it on and leaving it.

DH will be home tomorrow so I guess I should get groceries tomorrow. I'm been planning on going to the store all week but it hasn't seemed real important as there is still soup in the house. lol

Another craft sale here this week-end. Going for a browse. This one is in the local community so it won't be as crazy busy as the one I went to last week-end. 

Enjoy your week-end.



newfiecrafter said...

Really like this Yvonne so glad to see you're using more of Tim's stuff.

featheredheaven said...

Very Nice card Yvonne! I sometimes have a problem withwhat I call a "normal" card! Won't be going for Shabby Chic anytime soon, but at least we have you for inspiration!
Thanks Sue

Anonymous said...

Wow, wish I could have been with
you making it!

Anonymous said...

I think this card is super, so diff. from what you do, but it appealed to me. Wish I had been in on that class as well. Marlene

Anonymous said...

I like your card Yvonne, I know what you mean when you same this is different from what your used to. It takes some time to get into the shabby side of things but once you do you will love it.
Sherry K