Thursday, October 21, 2010

Life Is Good!

Good Morning!

Tuesday was such an awesome day. Xavier started walking! He took his sweet time but he's there now. I tried to upload the video from facebook but couldn't figure it out or if it was possible. If I get a copy of it I'll post it here.

I spent yesterday getting some recall work done on my car.

This is the scrapbooking page I did on the week-end. Kristen participated in the Ride for Heart event in June. The day of the event it was very wet and rainy...not only did she complete the 50 Km but she did another 20 km. Had to get to the event someway! lol

To cut the sprokets and the heart I used Indie Art cartridge. The sprokets I used the negative images to create the second set.

I've almost got my special project's a 3-D item. I have to head out to look for some special ribbon.  Hopefully I'll post it tomorrow!


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