Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just A Lot of Hot Air


How are you feeling after the turkey yesterday? Okay...we all know it's not the turkey that gets you but everything else that went along with the turkey. You know...you could have skipped the pumpkin pie or at least the ice cream and pumpkin pie. I know how it works.

Finally getting a scrapbook page up. The paper is from Basic Grey - possibly Olivia? On PEI this summer there were hot air balloons that floated right over Xavier's house. So cool.
The chipboard pieces were from Bo Bunny. I've really stretched that package a long ways. If I don't like the green (in this case it was perfect) I just sand it, paint it, cover in pattern paper or distress it to the color I want. Keep those odd pieces handy so you can use them. Flower was from the Basic Grey sticker sheet as was the frame below and the borders. Title cut from the cricut.

I think ink this picture they were actually watching the balloons but it always makes me think they're maybe waiting for Daddy to get home from work. It's cute how they are looking at each other, almost like they are having a real conversation.

The background here is called a doily. It has adhesive on the back so all you have to do is lay it down. It's not too sticky though so you can re-position it first if you have to. I laid it across both pages and then cut it. The goal was to have it look continuous.

I'm off this morning to check out the YMCA. Going to go to a yoga class. I'll start out slow.

Enjoy your short week.



Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous! love the doily elements!

Anonymous said...

really nice lay out Yvonne...wow is Xavier ever growing...
Sherry K

Steph said...

I love this, I showed it to Irene, these were some of her favorite photo's of the summer, she really liked it, too :)