Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chalks, Chalks, Chalks

Good Morning to all in Blogland!

The sun isn't even shining yet and I'm feeling cheery. Must have had a good nights sleep. If not good, better than the night before.

So....where you able to answer yesterday's questions....What cartoon chacacter said, "Th-Th-Th-Th-That's all folks." If you answered Porky Pig you are correct. You dont' win anything excempt either being really good on trivia or you used to watch the cartoon on TV in black & white. lol Just kidding - maybe you where one of the lucky ones who had a color TV! I'm really going to show my age here...does anybody remember when you could buy a see-through film to put over your black & white TV that would make things tint a different color. Kinda weird. Just for the record I was a very young child when we got our first TV. Probably five and we didn't have electricity as you know it today but a generator. Enough said about the younger years.

The cards from todays share are from a class I'll be teaching next Wednesday morning at the Cutting Garden. Chalks will be the technique of the day and we'll be covering chalks as background, with versamark, and with blender pens. So contact the store directly if you want to come and play. I might add there is always some lively chatter about an array of interesting topics. lol I shan't say anything more. lol

The base color of the cardstock on this one is eggplant.

Like the choice of blues and greens together.

Love the color combo's on this as well. Tried to use some colors I don't normally use. I think the word is "Challenge myself".

I've had a thought of what my next card is going to be........off to create.

A couple more months and I will be celebrating my first year anniversary blogging. I'm starting to collect a few items so I can have a blog candy give away. Sounds like fun and a way for me to say Thank you to all of you who read my blog. A couple of months ago I installed the live traffic feed on the blog. You'll notice it on the right hand side. It shows where people are from who are visiting the site. You can also click on "watch in real time" and see more information. Stay tuned folks.

See if you can answer this one - Why do we say, "Goodnight, sleep tight?"

See you tomorrow.



Cheryl said...

These are beautiful! I haven't pulled out my chalks in ages. Maybe you gave me some inspiration.

Jaguar Grin said...

Sleep tight....so we dont fall oughta the bed?

either way, love the cards! Specifically the last one. Feels warm!

Oh, and as you can tell, I finally got the password/username sorted out for this account! YAY! Will call thursday night. :)