Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aprons - Caardvarks Challenge

Good Morning,

Post will be short & sweet.

Answer to yesterdays trivia.

Question: Why do we say "Goodnight, sleep tight"?

Answer: Soemtime during the sixteenth century, British farmers moved from sleeping on the ground to sleeping in beds. These beds were little more than straw-filled mattress tied to wooden frames with ropes. To secure the mattress before sleeping, you pulled on the ropes to tighten them, and that's where they began saying, "Goodnight, sleeptight."

These two cards are for the Caardvarks Challenge. The challenge was to make any shaped card...not the regular square or rectangle. I've been having lots of fun with this challenge. Stop by their site and have a look at all the different ideas. The challenge ends tonight.

I made the Father's Day card first and then I worked on the girly apron card. I used double-sided pattern paper. Thought this would be a cute invite card for backyard Bar-B-q's or an invite to dinner. Changing things up a little it could even be used for wedding invitations. Once I got started on accessorizing this card I couldn't stop. First I punched a decorative border in a strip of paper for the top of the apron. You know, a little ruffle. Then I used a white gel pen for stitching. Decided some white liquid pearls were in order for the centre of each scallop. Maybe some pockets would be cute. Three pockets later and posies for them. lol Don't forget some eyelets. If I would have had some white ribbon I would have put that around the neck as a strap but all my ribbon was too wide.

This apron was made strictly from cardstock. A little sponging with ink to two-tone the cardstock and of course some tools for accessories. BTW the template is 4 1/4" x 11". Folded in half. A 1" punch for the neck circle and the arm holes as big as you want. I always make my template out of a plain piece of paper first and then trace.

No trivia today. I'll have something tomorrow. Must finish getting ready for the Cutting Garden.



lauren said...

oh what adorable apron cards! i love that you've done two versions: HIS-n-HERS! there are so many special little touches that makes these *FABULOUS*!

Lucy, England said...

Wow, these are adorable. Love them. What a fab idea.

Heidi Van Laar said...

These are just too cool! I love both versions!

SmilynStef said...

Cute cute cute ... I Love how you took the same shape, but made each one so unique.

Joshua Jiraffe Designs said...

These are so adorable and creative. Love the girlie version...just so cute! Love all the little embellies!!

Joshua Jiraffe Designs said...

Yvonne~thanks for the comments, so sweet of you. Go for it! and I may just need to do the same with your adorable aprons and acutally, now that I think about it...for my hubby on Father's Day since he's really the (better) cook in the family!! Thanks for the thought...
Have a great day...raining, yet again, here.

Cards By Jan said...

Awesome idea!! sure good for any man/hubby who works with wood!!