Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Same Stamp - Different Cards

No playtime yesterday. Went to Antigonish to see Adam & Stephanie and our friends Pam & Bob. Had to see Pam as it was her "Big Birthday". Won't say anymore as too how many candles she was going to have to blow out. lol Returned back home about 6:30. I don't like driving at night anymore.

Have to be quick posting as I should be getting ready for work.
I made both of these cards on Sunday and I used the same stamp set, Artifacts, that I used on the posted card from a couple days ago. The cardstock and ink are the same on both cards - however, I sharpened the color on one card via the computer after I had uploaded it. Couldn't believe what a difference it made and it is much closer to the actual color on the card. The brighter of the two was edited.

My favorite of these two is the card directly above. I liked how I got the little strip of blue between the clock and the words. I know you can simply cut a little piece of cardstock and glue it overtop...but Iwas looking for something different. I used my Fiskars cutter and made two slits 1/8" apart and then slid the stamped rectangular cardstock through the slit. Pretty esy to do.
Will see you on Friday. I work till late tonight so probably won't get back to the craft room until Thursday evening for creating.
Gotta love these short work weeks!



Deborah March said...

Nice collage work missy!

Julie Mutch said...

These are great cards, Yvonne! I've always liked this et, not sure why I never bought it. I guess it's one of the many on my wish list! lol :)

I like what you did with the slits in the cardstock to weave the stamped images through. Neat idea. Thanks for sharing. :)

Hope you have a great weekend, hopefully I can meet up with you during some part of it. Give me a shout. :)