Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh, Chocolate Box

Speaking of Chocolate... How was everyones Halloween? I must say we didn't get nearly enough children. Each year I keep track of how many kids come to the door so the next year I have a better idea of how many treats to buy and each year when Halloween comes around I can't remember how many kids came the year before so why do you think I still continue to make little tally ticks on a piece of paper. Well we only had about fifty kids and I think I had treats for about 125 or more. Needless to say I need to get the chocolate out of the house so Kevin loaded up the treats and took them to work today.

Sunday was a great day. Adam & Stephanie came up for a visit. Steph and I went shopping and the guys went shopping. Everybody came home with something except me. Hmmmm, maybe I'll have to shop today. Bob and Pam came up later in the day and had supper with us, a little wine and then were picking their daughter Katelin up from the airport.

Enough chit chat and onto todays post. The brown paper used on the card is called "Chocolate Box". It's like the "Black Magic" paper in that it's colored on one side and brown on the other. When you sand off the brown it reveals the color of the paper underneath. In this case the underside was pink. The flower is colored using Twinkling H20's and the butterfly is too. I stamped the butterfly on vellum and then painted on the backside of the image. Two things coloring on the underside the water on the vellum cardstock makes the wings curl a little thus giving it a nice 3-D effect and the other thing is it creates a much softer finish to the butterfly. I sponged a little ink around the vanilla cardstock just to soften the look.

That's all for today...getting my hair cut this afternoon. Verdict is still out on how short I'll go.



Nancy LeBlanc said...

very nice, Yvonne - love the colours. Let's see a photo of the new haircut! Nancy LeBlanc

Deborah March said...

The hair is as gorgeous as the CARD lady!

Anonymous said...

I'm just browsing around for Christmas ideas as its getting ever closer and it will be here before I know it. This chocolate gift set looks absolutely adorable!
The great thing with my family and friends is that I know they are all chocolate mad! So buying for them isn't very hard as I know what tickles their taste buds.
Last year I brought my best friend the boo box from hotel chocolat and it brought the biggest smile to her face.