Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winter - Who Needs It?

Happy Snow Day.....Not!
I really dislike winter and yesterday just reaffirmed that. I was teaching a final class with Catherine at the Cutting Garden. It was actually a large event with about 30 people and was being held at the Holiday Inn.
Well it starts to snow in the afternoon and just won't quit. The roads were so yucky I made my DH come and pick me up last night which of course resulted in me going to work very early this morning cause I had to pick up my car.

These are the four other cards that I made a couple of nights ago. Thought I would post them all at once as they are all the same style just a little different layouts.
I like the red and green one as they are different colors. Those are the new "In Colors" from Stampin' Up!. Kiwi Green and Red Riding Hood are the color names.

Looking forward to picking up my mail tonight as I have some new toys arriving. Won't tell you what they are....yet. I'll make something and then I'll share with you.

With the weather yucky you should take a craft day, stay inside and play.


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Nancy Leblanc said...

good thing you weren't stuck on the Cobequid Pass - some people were stuff there for about 12 hours! now that is yuck x 100! Didn't even snow here on the South Shore I see from the highway webcams that you still have snow on the ground! - Nancy LeBlanc, Bridgewater