Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I did upload a couple of cards to share with yo while I'm away.
Firstly, and obviously I did make it to Toronto with cats in tow. Got the two pets loaded into their carriers Thursday morning and listened to their mournful pleas all the way to the airport. Getting them checked in wasn't so bad...the girl at the check-in counter asked me what I was quoted per cat to fly them. She confirmed that was indeed the correct rate however when she went to finalize it the price was around $2400.00. lol Little more than I agreed upon. Next up was the cats cages had to be xrayed. Ok...You have to take the cats out of the cages. Are you nuts? We're in the middle of the airport...I need to be in a 10 x 10 room in case they get away so I can capture them again. Well that went better than I also helped that Kevin was there to handle it. They are now taken away and I don't see them until Toronto airport. Both appeared to be doing okay and they weren't too noisy. We get out of the baggage area and Kristen is waiting for us. Thank goodness - another pair of hands. Now to find the car rental. Go this way, that way, up the elevator. Oh right...we are now in the elevator somebody please remember to push the button. Off again. Out of the elevtor, we'll head in this directions, looks like it might be right. Elevator again - need to go back down. Found it. Car I've reserved they are out of but they will give me a free upgrade. Now I've got a PT Cruiser. Cats are in, luggage is in, Kristen is in. We have Tom Tom out (GPS System). Oooops, can't get service in the parking garage.
Out we go...on the road. Turn left - GPS is still trying to locate where I'm at and where I'm going. He didn't work fast enough, I just took a wrong turn...heading back around to the parking garage again. Second time through you know what you are doing. lol Kristen knows enough we need to get on the 409 East. Tom Tom is still thinking. Missed that I'm going the wrong way...I'll shorten this up a bit. After a couple of treks up and down the freeway I finally managed to hit the right exit and instead of me trying to watch the screen and drive Kristen just held it and told me what was coming up next and of course Tom Tom talked to us too. lol That was the other funny thing. Tom Tom had been on mute so I told Kristen to turn it up. It was at 10% volume and she cranked it to 100% volume! lol Of course when he spoke he almost blew our ear drums out and scared us half to death.
We arrived safely at her apartment and the kittys are settling in. Patches settled in right away. Just her nature. Grizzley is a little more cautious and is sort of living under a bed. He did come out and sleep with me last night and was actually purring. On a good day he doesn't always purr.
Enough adventure news there...we did take the Subway downtown but I'll save that for another post.
Today's card is pretty simple. I needed a quick card done on Wednesday as I needed to get it in the male for a family birthday that I was already late for. I used the Cuttlebug embossing folder and co-ordinatins paper for the background and sanded it.
Twinkling H2o's was the coloring medium. On this card I really liked how the ground turned out. I tend to struggle a bit with things like that. Added a piece of metal embellishment for a little extra pop.

Hope you enjoyed the story and the card.

We will be heading out with the car this morning to collect cat supplies. Will be driving when there is less traffic.


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