Monday, May 4, 2009

Proud Daddy

Finally finished this layout yesterday. It sat for a week needing just one more thing. I couldn't decide what to put or write on the lower left hand side on the first layout. I ended up liking the idea of using another round circle.

I am working on another page now that is just pictures of Xavier. Maybe I'll go back through some photos I have of Adam and see if you think his son looks like him. I have to make sure I get the real baby pictures cause by about 2 months he had really chubby cheeks. lol

I need to think about packing my suitcase to go away on Thursday.

Hopefully I'll have something else to share tomorrow.



Kim said...

Awwww....these pages are awesome Yvonne!!! I can't wait til I am a the time is right! I so wish I could come to your class tomorrow morning, I love the card you made! I don't have a car so I won't be able too! Would you mind terribly sending me the instructions for yout card? I love the cards you have made like the one below!! Oh...and have a safe and fun trip Yvonne!!!

Cindy Power said...

Yvonne...these pages are beautiful...I believe your grandson does look like your son!! Thanks so much for sending along the directions for the Tri-fold card. I will give it a try ASAP. Looking forward to the 23rd. Look like we will have a van load!! See you then!! God Bless!!

shawn said...

Hi Yvonne - loving your projects. I wanted to go to class tonight (Wed the 6th), but won't be able to get there. Could you please send me the instructions for the tri-fold, shutter and third card from that class? Thanks, Shawn