Saturday, May 16, 2009

4 Wheelin'

Hi There,

Well it's been a while. I did arrive back home on Tuesday night. I had a great visit with my daughter. Did lots of fun things. Some of them were going to Medieval Times on Mother's Day and checking out Toronto Island. I will give you up dates on different things as I scrapbook the pages.

The two pages shown here were from Monday on Toronto Island, hence the title. Duh!
The island is about 6 klms from tip to tip. There's a ferry that goes over from Toronto about every 1/2 hour. Once over there you can walk or rent bicycles. We thought it would be fun to rent a quad-a-cycle. You can peddle side by side. First off, one might thing it would be easier to peddle than a single bike. NOT! We couldn't believe how tough it was. Didn't help that we kept forgetting the brake on too! lol That just caused a lot of giggling! We also learned that a steady pace is better than trying to go fast. We figure it has something to do with both people need to be in-sync on the speed. There is also lots of space to picnic, there are beaches, complete with clothing optional. The day we were over there we didn't think that would be an issue. I had three layers on and wasn't shedding any of them even when I was peddling. There is also a small amusement park and something similar to Old MacDonalds Farm. Stay tuned for pics of that.
Didn't take great pictures of the scrapbook pages. The photos themselves look much better in person. On this page we set the camera up on a rock so we could get both of us in the picture.

This page has the journalling hid behind the page. Look closely at the you see that little notch. I adhered an envelope behind the page to hold my journalling.

That's all for today. Will try and get a card together for tomorrow. Hope you are enjoying the long week-end.


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