Monday, May 25, 2009

Shadow Box Card

Good Morning,

Monday again. Had a terrific week-end with Xavier. He is so good. Oh and did I mention so cute! Will have to do a scrapbook page or two. Working right now on some more of my Toronto visit.

Moving right to days post. Remember last week I went out to a girls crafty night. This is the project Kim prepared for us to do. It was so neat. Would like to try another one or two of these. The only drawback is you need to deliver them in person. Not really designed for mailing. The writing and images are all stamped. I quite like the stamped words.

This card was from our swap that we did. The theme was to use a womanly stamp. I drew Kim's card and it was just gorgeous. Using photo stamps, vintage stamps is really Kim's style. It's so different from mine that I really appreciate her cards.

I still haven't got Deborah's project completed but will work on it.

Must see what I can do today. I have to mail out some packages. Watch your mail Kristen!



Cindy Power said...

Morning, Yvonne:

Sorry we missed you at the Yard Sale and The Cutting Garden on Saturday, but so glad you got to love on that little grandbaby of yours!! Five of us came up from Yarmouth, got to the Yard Sale early....found some fantastic treasures!!!!....went over to The Cutting Garden....found some more wonderful treasures!!!! and had a great day!!! It is always so much fun to have a Road Trip with the Girlsfriends!!! We look forward to coming up again sometime soon!!
God Bless!!! Have a great day!! Cindy

Anonymous said...

I'll keep my eye on the mail every day!!!!

I got one card on Friday! Made my day great! Being selfish and still haven't shown Joel! I promise I will today though ;)